One Considerably Important House Rule

I received my first snarky comment this morning. Huzzah! “Sega Does” has been officially christened into the Internet! For better and for worse, however, the comment wasn’t a pure example of “trollers gonna troll.” It also provided solid historical information about the console landscape circa early 80s that I lacked in my SG-1000 post. But as the comment was a confusing blend of obnoxious and useful, I felt the need to address appropriate comment decorum.

I don’t want to don the mantle of some Gestapo blogger who believes only his information is right. As I mentioned on and will reiterate here, I welcome any and all constructive criticism. I acknowledge that I don’t know much about Sega’s earlier consoles. I’ll do my best to put forth the most accurate historical information that I can find. That being said, I won’t deal with trolls. If you leave a nasty comment or insult me, I’ll delete your comment and block you from the site. “If you got beef, eat a pork chop,” as a wise man once said.

I know that the majority of you who read and comment understand this. Consider this PSA for the few who can’t prevent themselves from coming across as jerks- even when they have insightful knowledge to add.

Thanks for understanding. I’ll be starting on the SG-1000 library tomorrow. Please look forward to it.


cooper thumbs up


8 thoughts on “One Considerably Important House Rule

  1. It’s not trolling if I mention your terrible halitosis, is it? I mean, nothing personal, but daaamn.

    Just to make this post similarly confusing, I will round off my trolling by saying “Good luck with your new venture!”

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  2. Dylan, if you’d like to embed music from games you will review, shoot me an email. I can prepare/upload MP3 game rips.
    While my music collection isn’t as extensive for Sega platforms as it is for Nintendo ones, there’s still a lot of content there, including roughly 66% of games from 8-bit systems, 80% of Mega Drive/SegaCD, and loads of Saturn/Dreamcast games.
    Good luck with Saturn, BTW, the system was massive in Japan, got close to 1200 games released (8 times the amount of 8-bit games and twice the Mega Drive amount).


    • Knurek, thank you for the offer. I will consider it. Probably not for SG-1000 games, but later entries.

      Yeah, I’m stunned at how many games the Saturn has. I had no idea before I started that it was so popular in Japan.


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