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Good day, readers.

I’ll get right to it: I’m taking a hiatus from Sega Does, probably for about a month. Maybe a little more, probably a little less.

I know it’s unprofessional to take a break from a site you just began, a mere 11 days after its debut. It can’t be helped. I need to step back from writing about games. I need freedom from the mental drudgery that can come with consistently maintaining a blog. I need to focus on other aspects of my life outside the Internet. For all these reasons and more, I need a break.

Barring some unforeseen, drastic life change, I will return to Sega Does. I’ve been excited about taking this project on since November 2013, so I’m not just abandoning it to the ether. I’m excited to see how this sabbatical will refresh my entire being and rejuvenate my love for the project.

A second Sega Does podcast will be posted next week, so be on the lookout for that. Otherwise, I’ll see ya in June.




12 thoughts on “Insert Coin to Continue

  1. Take your time man. I understand what you’re going through. I went months without doing podcasts when I podcasted. In the end I had to cancel them. But yeah, take your time and we’ll be waiting on your return!

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  2. Enjoy the break – believe me, I know how that goes. There are just… weeks here and there where I’m like: Do I *really* want to write about games again? Especially since so often I feel like I am just jumping from one title or trailer or news article to another – but once I wind up taking that short time off, I’m always eager and ready to roll again. Hoping you find that same second wind here. 🙂 take it easy!

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  3. Seeing as you reviewed every NES game, I think you are capable of a lot. That said, you shouldn’t push yourself too much, so getting a good rest will be very important for you.

    Best wishes sir. Hope you enjoy your month off, take your time and relax. I’ll be looking forward to your return!

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  4. Very disappointing, no way to sugarcoat this comment… 3 games in and you’re drained already? Could it be that you are just not feeling videogames at the moment? Nostalgia affects us in weird ways, “real life” can often get in the way of ANY hobby…

    You accomplished a major feat and took on an even bigger project here. I don’t have followings so I wouldn’t know, but it sounds like you are trying to please too many of your followers and feeling pressure to please everybody? Maybe you bit off more than one person can chew?

    You just proved you are a Nintendo “fanbody”… You can stick it out for Nintendo, but a few crappy early Sega titles forces you to “VACAY”?

    Haha, just kidding, but I have been preparing for this blog and looking into starting something myself. Your writing inspired me. I am poor with words, not witty, and bland when it comes to vocabulary. This hurts… I was really looking forward to the Genny stuff, even wrote a few reviews…

    Good luck man, it sounds like you are hitting that “videogame mid life crisis”. Been thru it myself…

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    • Me stopping temporarily doesn’t have anything to do with crappy SG-1000 games or taking on a humongous project, per say. More that, the second I finished with the NES blog, I started on the Sega blog. There’s been quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work that went into this badboy. For example, I’ve spent a couple dozen hours alone on compiling chrono game lists and I’m only up to 1994.

      Anyway, I took a vacation, came back excited to start the new blog, then realized I wasn’t ready to start it. I know it’s lame. Keep writing those reviews, though. Don’t stop on my account.


  5. Me-time is really valuable! I’m a firm believer in taking a step back and putting things into perspective before continuing on a project. I may actually take this time and re-read some of your NES reviews again on Questicle and purchase some of games that you gave a good score and that I’ve never played. See ya in a month my man!

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  6. Just wanted to chime in and say that I love your work and your writing is very good. Take your time, chill, and when you´re back, we´re gonna be here waiting ok? All the best.


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