Episode 2 of the Sega Does Podcast is here!

Shortest hiatus ever? Nah, I’m still taking a break. In the meantime, my UK affiliate Sam has kindly uploaded our latest podcast for your listening pleasure.

Unless you hate fun, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t listen to it.

Episode 2: It’s a Jungle


6 thoughts on “Episode 2 of the Sega Does Podcast is here!

  1. Hey so are you going to have regular podcasts where you talk about ALL the games? Cause that would be pretty unique. As far as other chronogaming sites, I don’t think I’ve seen any that have a companion podcast. At any rate it’s always good to have something to differentiate yourself from other sites. There was one chronogaming site where this guy attempted just to blog in Chronolgical order about all the Pre Sonic Genesis games. Oddly enough it was called pre sonic Genesis. http://psgenesis.wordpress.com. The blog posts on each game were actually pretty good. He did like two podcasts, one was a music podcast with the best music for that year on the Genesis. And one where he started talking about the games. It was kind of promising but there was never the second promised podcast and then the site went completely dead. But I thought it was a good idea. Loving the first two podcasts so far. Always good to hear some UK perspective as well since I guess Sega was a lot bigger over there?

    I hope the SG-1000 stuff is not what is causing your writers block. Because I guarantee that it gets much more interesting by the time the Master Sytem rolls around. But like all the large chronogaming projects, it will take a certain level of mental fortitude to get through all the crappy games. Try asking Dr. Sparkle about the countless baseball and golf games he has to play.


    • My goal is to have podcasts that discuss all the games. And hopefully get some video going for each game, as well. We shall see. Glad you’re enjoying the podcasts.

      The SG-1000’s crappiness is not what compelled me to stop temporarily. Rather, I want to know for certain that this Sega project – an endeavor that will likely span 10 years, at least – is something I want to invest large amounts of time and money into.


      • Ever thought about just focusing on the games, and leaving the historical perspective to links? Maybe breaking up the chronological and alphabetical order a little bit, and jump around from time to time? Painstakingly doing things in order seems like it could get a bit monotonous and boring?

        If you plan on a 10 year devotion, then I can say it wouldn’t be worth it, especially to your pockets… Honestly, how many blogs last ten years? And who would be that devoted to follow something like that for ten years?

        Never checked the podcast out yet, not a fan of those things… good luck


      • I do like including historical perspectives, even if they’re brief. I didn’t focus on much history during the NES blog, so it’s nice to expand and do some research.

        I think once the SG-1000 is over with and the Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, and Game Gear reviews all start to intertwine in a chaotic chrono fashion, the site will hit its stride.

        10 years is a long time, indeed. Not saying it will take that long, but trying to be realistic. I will need to contemplate this matter more.


  2. If you were to include video.. That is just overly ambitious. I don’t want to discourage you. But I would say keep it simple. Do what you do best. People doing videos,for just one system, are looking at 20 year timelines if you do the math depending on the system. And let’s be honest. While I really think this is great. Retro games are kind of niche. Your audience is limited. But I do think playing all the games is very achievable and blogging about each. And the podcast is an outstanding idea as well. But importantly it has to be something you want to do. And have passion for. If not it shows with the quality of the work. Anyway as selfish as it sounds, I hope you continue the endeavor, at least through the SG-1000 library as it is not something very well documented from a Western perspective. And your personal takes on the games are a great read. I think what you are doing is unique enough and ambitious enough as it is that it will carve out an interesting piece of video game history.


    • Oh, it definitely wouldn’t be me including the video. It would be Sam from the podcast (he mentioned putting some vids together). Or if someone else showed interest, they could have a go as well. Not me, though, I am clueless in that area.

      Thanks for the compliments. I do have passion for the project, but I don’t want to be double-minded about it at all. I want to do it or just leave it be.


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