Episode 4 of the Sega Does Podcast is Live!

Give your ears a feast with Episode 4 of the Sega Does podcast. It’s the real New Hope or so I’ve been told.

Games discussed include Yamato, Champion TennisStar Jacker, Champion Baseball, and Sindbad Mystery.

As always, great music generously provided by Sam, and awkward banter unwittingly provided by me.

Listen/Download the podcast here. Subscribe! Follow! Get subsumed into the Sega Does collective!


4 thoughts on “Episode 4 of the Sega Does Podcast is Live!

  1. Keep the same pace, I think doing the way your doing gives every game it’s moment. Really enjoying the reviews and the podcasts.
    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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  2. Interesting discussion. My vote is to keep going how your going. It’s far more interesting this way.

    Interestingly enough sounds like some games I am interested are coming up. I’ve heard good things about Sega Galaga. But my mind was kind of blown when I heard they did a Rally X port. I used to love that game in the arcade so I am kind of intrigued. There is an interesting story about that game and Pac-Man I read recently that I’ll probrably share when you get there.


  3. Yes please let us know any info you may have on games coming up that you find interesting. We want to get as much info like that out there as possible. Thanks for listening. SEGA !


  4. Here is an interesting story around Rally X and PAC Man. Apparently Rally X was the hit of the 1980 AMOA arcade show. With everyone jockeying to liscense it. Whereas PAC-Man was kind of thrown in to Midway as an afterthought. Actually Midway had to take PAC-Man after Gameplan (Ya cause you heard of them right?) turned it down. But everyone thought that rally X was gonna be the most successful game. Midway kind of lucked out into one of the most iconic arcade games in history.


    Anyway I love that site. It is a blog with all sorts of arcane arcade history. And great old articles and photos from trade publications. The last two articles talk briefly about some early 70’s arcade racers in fact.

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