Episode V: The Sega Does Podcast Strikes Back

Yes, Episode 5 is here and it’s a bit… meatier than usual.

My “Sega Does” UK Affiliate Sam and I discuss nine games over the course of an hour. We didn’t want to delve into that many games, I assure you, but recording got delayed a few days. So it goes.

Just think of this episode like a huge meal from a delicious restaurant: you can tackle it all at once because it’s so good, or you can savor it over two half-hour chunks.

Download the episode here. Have any questions, concerns, spiteful ramblings? Leave them in the comments section below. And if you’ve decided to play along with us, let us know that too. We’d love to hear your thoughts on old SG-1000 games.


5 thoughts on “Episode V: The Sega Does Podcast Strikes Back

  1. Hey, decided to start playing these games along with you so I could compare our views on these games. Golgo 13 seemed pretty good to me, so I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on it.

    Btw, according to the site linked below, the Dreamcast logo was designed with the idea of symbolizing “…the universe and the infinite power of human beings.”

    That’s some real modern art stuff right there, putting so much meaning into an orange swirl.

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  2. Great episode. Talking about Monaco GP not being emulated by MAME, it’s not like they couldn’t emulate it. But MAME has this weird policy on games they emulate. At one point in he 90’s PONG was in MAME along with a few other analog arcade games. But it was decided to remove them. I guess their stance is to only emulate microprocessor based games for accuracy and what not. They can emulate the analog circuits and logic gates to make these old games work but appently they have a stance against it. Apparently building the driver for the game in essence is recreating the game digitally. Whereas with arcade boards you emulate the chips and then dump the. 1’s and 0’s of the ROM. And similar games that use the same chips should play the same when new data dumped into the driver. With a discrete logic game the game is the driver. I don’t know it gets confusing but I was disappointed when they made that decision. Because they have in made other allowances in MAME to emulate analog aspects of old arcade games for accuracy like MP3 samples of certain game music and sound effects, and display overlays that were integral to the gameplay. And sometimes their purist stance has broken games that worked with new updates or greatly increased the Proccessing power to play them when updating chip drivers.

    So interestingly there is a program called DICE that simulates a lot of these games, (difference being it is considered a simulation and not a emulation,)


    Also there is page devoted to saving information on these discrete logic games.


    They have the manual for Monaco GP that has the actual circuit diagram to the the electronic components that make the game play! (Well exciting for me anyway.)


    Also after further searching there is someone who has a WIP Working Monaco GP simulator. You can check out the updates and how to get it here.


    Here are two cool videos of the simulator in action on YouTube. So I guess you can go play a simulation of this after all.

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  3. I wouldn’t mind playing Cuba: Take Down Castro. Or Dragon Wang, for that matter. I’ve really been enjoying this podcast, so keep it up. Good job.

    (Soccer in Japanese = soccer. サッカー)


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