Sega Does Podcast Episode 6

Finally, Episode 6 is here to tickle your ear buds, then leave without saying goodbye. Cold-blooded and honest, this episode is.

This time, Sam and I discuss the Othello Multivision, Q*bert, Guzzler, Space Mountain, Golgo-13, Orguss, and Pachinko II. The games are a cornucopia of mediocrity, but at least one of them inspired mine and Sam’s first ever vehement disagreement. Which one, you ask? Click here to download and listen.

Have any comments, questions, concerns? Leave them below and we will address them within the next couple of episodes. Thanks for listening!


7 thoughts on “Sega Does Podcast Episode 6

  1. Yay! You used my comments! I feel all special and tingly inside now.

    But at the same time, thepixeldude hates me for liking Golgo 13. In my own defence it was the first SG-1000 game I played, so I didn’t have anything else to relate it to. Looking back now, I pretty much agree with everything Dylan said. Please! I take it all back! Don’t hate me pixeldude!

    Orguss seemed fine to me. I thought it was really easy, though, after years of having played the 194x games and Zanac on NES. I thought the changing backgrounds was a nice feature. But in terms of gameplay (a somewhat important feature in games, I guess) I agree that it was slightly, shall we say, lacking.

    Also I’m beginning to think that I’m slightly more lenient towards games than you are. It’s a matter of opinion whether or not that’s a problem.

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    • Yeah, I can be hard on games some times. It really just depends. If I think a game has promise that it doesn’t live up to, I’ll give it a lower score, even if it has elements that work.

      I assure you, Pixeldude dislikes me more for not giving Orguss a better score compared to your slight approval of Golgo. You’re in the clear.


      • Actually pixel dudes argument about the robot suit almost swayed me a bit into liking it better. If you look at it as a ship game where you can turn into a robot as a secondary thing in emergencies it does kind of work.mbut the game still seems kind of lacking and repetitive to me.

        So I’m gonna try and play some of these now. Downloading the whole SG-1000 library was only 1.6 MB! That’s insane. They seem to play well on Fusion. But I think your reviews seem pretty fair. Honestly, I enjoy reading what you have to say more than the letter grade anyway. I don’t think your being overly harsh. Well I liked Safari Race somewhat better but still I’m enjoying this journey so far.


  2. Also I’m noticing as we creep up on 1985, there is going to be some SG-1000 and Mark 3 overlap. And 1986 we will see some games appear on both platforms. Are you going to go back and forth chronologically between systems or are you going to finish off the SG-1000 before hitting the Master System? I don’t don’t have an opinion one way or the other. For the SG-1000 you could do it because it had a short lifespan , but with the Sega Master System you have games being released at the end of the Genesis lifecycle. I don’t know if it would be more relevant to close out each system first or look at them in comparison to their contemporaries in strictly chronological order by games. For instance if you did all Master Sytem games first you would be covering the Castle of Illusion Game years ahead of the Genesis game, even though the Genesis game came first and was more relevant.


    • None of the SG-1000 games have concrete release dates, so I will finish the 1985 SG-1000 titles before heading into the Mark III titles.

      Once the Master System and the Genesis and Game Gear and the rest start colliding with one another, I’ll be reviewing in strict chronological order.


    • Dang. Guess I spent last night crying into my pillow for nothing.

      Seriously though, what you and Dylan are doing is amazingly cool, and I’m just glad to watch and comment from the sidelines.


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