Sega Does Podcast Episode 7

You know the drill by this point. New podcast, download here, right now!

Home Mahjong, Lode Runner, Safari Race, Champion Boxing, and Champion Soccer all go under our sharp critical knives today. Sam is still disappointed that I don’t love Orguss more, and I can’t believe he scored goals in Champion Soccer.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, let us know in the comments. We’re always looking to improve… within reason.




4 thoughts on “Sega Does Podcast Episode 7

  1. Another fun episode to listen to. I hear some pause in enthusiasm when getting to SMS games. I was a SMS owner instead of a NES owner. Not that I didn’t play a lot of NES. But it was my system of choice. So I will probrably have a lot to say about some of those games. But I am reluctant to sing the praises of the SMS. If only because I wouldn’t want to build it up too highly and then not have it live up to impossible expectations. So I will try to reserve myself a bit. But after having played all the American NES games, and then the SG-1000 games, I feel you will be in the right place to objectively look at the SMS games. And I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I feel in 1986 when I bought mine the library fas very favorable to what was on the NES at the time. Of course the NES would go on to build an amazing library (And it’s share of stinkers as well). But I think the SMS overall holds up very well. Maybe a lot fewer amazing games like SMB3 but certainly a lot less extremely bad games that the NES had (and the SG-1000 for that matter.)

    Also as far as sports games, the SMS certainly does get some MUCH better sports games. For a while they are branded under the Great sports title. Some of them compare favorably with NES counterparts, some do not. It’s kind of a half step to the great sports titles the Genesis had. And later on the SMS titles would take on branding of famous sports stars like its Genesis counterparts and the quality would be much better as well. Although some take a turn for the weird like Nightmare Basketball.


  2. I like the format. Five games an episode feels about right, although it might be a bit much to do five Genesis or especially Dreamcast games without the podcast becoming hours long.

    Still greatly enjoying the podcasts and the reviews, but the sooner the Master System comes the better. I’d imagine you probably feel the same way.


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