Howdy y’all,

Sorry for the sporadic posts as of late. I vacationed this past week and got nothing accomplished. It was wonderful.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a brand-spanking new review, which will hopefully lead back into my typical daily reviews. Also, expect a long overdue podcast this week. When it rains, it pours.

Thanks for your patience, and get ready for Sega’s take on Pitfall II tomorrow.

– DC

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  1. Excuses, Excuses, Dylan.

    I’m joking, of course. I myself was on holiday at around the same time, so I was glad to see that I didn’t miss too much.

    On a different note, you’ve inspired me to get back into writing, something I used to do lots of when I was younger. Hell, maybe I’ll even start my own review project.

    …But probably not. I’m terrible at seeing things through to completion.

      1. Oh, if I was going to do a review project, it would definitely be about video games. Every spare moment I have is spent playing games. I’m just not sure what I’d write about. Something Nintendo, that’s for sure. Maybe GameCube? Who knows.

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