Episode 9 of the Sega Does Podcast


Boy howdy, was this a fun episode to record.

We have some surprisingly solid SG-1000 games to thank for that: Star Force, Othello, Space Invaders, Zoom 909, Choplifter and Pitfall II all impressed us more than they should have. The rest – Hyper Sports and Dragon Wang – felt like the typical SG-1000 dreck. Thankfully, saying “Dragon Wang” aloud several times in a row never gets old.

Enjoy Episode 9.



12 thoughts on “Episode 9 of the Sega Does Podcast

  1. That NTSC/PAL VHS story broke my heart a little, because my Dad and I only survived the first couple years of moving to the US from Blighty by importing PAL tapes, and we had to buy a universal VHS player in order to watch them. The cost of a universal VHS player in the early 90’s? About $500. Do not complain about the price of an Xbox One today, kids.

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  2. Great podcast. I agree with the sentiment of the podcast is really half the show. Always look forward to it. You two have a good dynamic. And it’s always interesting two hear each other’s takes on the games.

    As far as the VHS thing. I believe in The US original tapes has nice hard plastic folding cases. And they also were like 60 – 100 dollars. The first time I recall seeing a cardboard sleeve was Batman. It was the first VHS movie to release mass market at the 20.00 price point. And it kind of started the cardboard sleeve thing too. That 20.00 price point still seems to be prevalent today. At my Dads house he still has tins if pre Batman VHS tapes in the hard clamshell cases he picked up over the years for a dollar or two each. We never bought new movies on VHS till Batman.

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    • It depended heavily on the studio, and sometimes the type of release. Off the top of my head:

      Disney mostly used white clamshell cases pretty much for the entire VHS era, except for the black clamshells for the Limited Gold Edition tapes, which collected a large number of shorts, most of which were uncut, and used slipcases for releases of TV shows (like DuckTales) or cheaper reissues of the shorts they put on video in the early ’80s. Warner used clamshells at the very beginning, but then used slipcases once VHS and Beta started gaining popularity. FHE (which released mostly cartoons) started using oversized boxes with trays/clamshells inside before switching to slipcases, and RCA/Columbia (a joint venture between the record label and the movie studio) used slipcase-sized boxes that opened on the sides before switching to clamshells for kids shows and slipcases for everything else.

      But yes, Batman (and ET) at $19.99 spelled the death knell for movies being “rental priced” at insane amounts. However, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe tapes at $29.99 were what first inspired the idea of amassing huge VHS and/or Beta collections instead of just renting (in my home state of Vermont, the local rental chain, called Capitol Video, had Tuesday and Thursday rentals for 99 cents a tape).

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  3. Stop it, Dylan, you’re making me blush.

    However, should you ever find find a game too difficult, I’d be more than willing to beat it and make a video showing you how the game goes. I’ve yet to fail to beat a game. Not even Battletoads, before you ask.

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    • Wow – Retro Luke never failed to beat a game ?
      Have you tried Batman & Robin on Genesis and Sega CD ? (Different games but both balls hard). Look forward to Dylan and pixel dude trying those out when the time comes.
      Interesting the SG-1000 is having a somewhat Indian summer with solid release after solid release Sega obviously finally got an handle on games development by this point. Just out of interest are you going to finish off the SG-1000 library before moving onto Master System so you can leave the system well behind or are you going to cover both simultaneously and let the SG-1000 fade into history ? Plus once you do review the last SG-1000 game do you guys plan on having a overview podcast of the system as a whole ? That would be fun your personal highlights/lowlights etc.

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      • I’m going to finish the majority of the SG-1000 library before I move on to the Master System. However, a few SG-1000 games bleed into 1986, so there will be a little bit of crossover between SG-1000 and Master System reviews.

        The site will get really crazy once I get into the early 90s: Genesis, Game Gear, Master System, and Sega CD reviews will intersect with one another like so many poorly built highways.

        Also, we will probably have a brief goodbye to the SG-1000 after I review the final SG-1000 release.

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  4. Thanks for destroying my productivity at work!…and getting that infernal Sonic track stuck in my head. Also, I think it’s pretty classy of you thanking your commenters for staying classy. So, uh, stay classy and hurry up and get to Genesis…

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  5. Great podcast! (and not just because my comments were featured :P) As far as VHS tapes go, my family was poor so our library was very small and mostly taped off of TV. I can remember watching a broadcast version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that had the ending cut off quite a lot and I can still tell you where all the commercial breaks in the Wizard of Oz were. Oh, the fun things today’s kids will never get to experience…

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