SegaDoes Podcast Episode 10: Get Set to Hang On

Welcome to double-digits, folks. There’s no going back now. Listen to/Download Episode 10 here.

Because of the month-long gap (or so) between Episode 9, we have twelve SG-1000 games we cover in this episode. Hang on to ya butts:


Doki Doki Penguin Land


Chack’n Pop

Bank Panic

Rock n’ Bolt

Elevator Action

Soukoban/Shove It!…The Warehouse Game

Championship Lode Runner


Champion Ice Hockey

Hang-On II

Bomb Jack



These are the remaining 1985 SG-1000 games. Next episode will see us focus on the Mark III and its launch games, hopefully in two weeks or so.

All questions, thoughts, or concerns should be directed to the comments section below. As always, thanks for listening!


6 thoughts on “SegaDoes Podcast Episode 10: Get Set to Hang On

  1. Of all the things to comment about, the one that drove me here today was, I really like TLOU on PS4. It has far more gameplay to me than any RE game I’ve played for instance. I’m really enjoying the maps and strategic gameplay. Much to my suprise. I mean if you want to talk about games that are basically movies try Beyond Two Souls or Heavy Rain. TLOU ha really been fun for me with the crafting and upgrade paths for weapons and abilities . I’d say the game proper doesn’t really start until a few hours in as the starting levels are essentially an extended tutorial. And I have had to turn around plent in the game . ( it even has a quick turnaround for this)


    • Ah, so the Last of Us comments were left in? I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, and didn’t know if those would be in there since they have nothing to do with Sega.

      You’re right, Heavy Rain is far more movie-like than The Last of Us. I hated that game too. Really horrible writing, poorly constructed characters, and just the overwhelming feeling of “this game is important” when to me it wasn’t a game at all. The Last of Us at least has better writing, (slightly) better characters, and some semblance of gameplay. But still to me The Last of Us is a long movie with bits of gameplay attached. I do not wish to play games like these anymore, no matter how critically acclaimed they might be. The games that have reached me the most in my life have woven story into the gameplay itself – Super Metroid, Earthbound, Silent Hill 2 to name a couple.

      I could ramble about this subject for a long time, but I won’t. I’m glad you like the Last of Us, my friend. I was actually surprised to hear that Sam didn’t like it, since I had already resolved that I was the only one on this planet who didn’t.

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  2. Any way. Another great podcast. You’d had me cracking up withe the celebrate music with vuvuzela’s announcing the transition to Mark III. You know I don’t really see the point of let’s plays and whatnot. I could maybe argue for a few more screen shots. There are tons of videos on these games already. I think what the sites strengths are one mans writing about his journey through the history of Sega games, the historical aspects, and the banter and discussion of the podcast.

    I am hoping you have some means to actually play the Light gun and 3D games though with real peripherals. I strongly believe those games lose a lot with mouse control and emulators. And the Light Phaser was such a good light gun too.

    I am all for emulators, but in certain instances, they can’t replicate some games. I know it involves expense, but what I have, (Don’t turn me in to the authorities) is a Genesis flash cart. With a cheap Genesis, power base converter, a CRT. You can play all the SMS games and Genesis games, and use the real peripherals. I could understand someone not wanting to add that bulk to their house. I certainly don’t keep around a CRT myself. I’ve read som of your NES blog. But haven’t obvioslyncing in late had a chance to read every one. How did you handle light gun games on the NES?

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    • Thanks for the feedback, Sean. As much as I like the idea of Let’s Plays, like you said, so many people already have them covered.

      I have considered holding off on games that require peripherals like the Light Phaser and 3D Glasses, since I do want to experience these games as they were meant to be experienced.

      After my move, I plan to invest in both the Saturn and the Dreamcast consoles and libraries. Perhaps I will invest in your little setup, as well.

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  3. Hi guys. I finally got around to listening to the latest Podcast. Dylan; the Crystal Maze was awesome. As the Master System features so heavily on my Order of Trinity page I decided to reblog your Mark III/Master System post because A) it was very detailed and excellently written and B) because I can’t be bothered to do it myself.

    Keep it up lads.

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