SegaDoes Podcast Episode 12: Master System Ahoy!

Thanks be to Sam and his podcasting prowess. Without him, Sega Does would be without content for the near future.

Episode 12 delves into the Master System (and PS2?) proper: Teddy Boy Blues, Great Soccer, Pit Pot, Great Baseball, Satellite 7, TransBot, and, er, Final Fantasy X. Not sure how we got on the latter, but it fits, I think. Listen/download here.

Enjoy the ‘cast, you crazy diamonds. And as always, leave all uplifting/disparaging comments below.

– DC


9 thoughts on “SegaDoes Podcast Episode 12: Master System Ahoy!

  1. Sorry never played Blitzball. Working my way through FF from one. Of which I’ve only played FF one. (Which was fantastic BTW)

    They did have the PS3 FF 10 and 10-2 remaster on sale at the local store that caught my eye yesterday.

    I can understand the Last of US stuff. I mean even I prefer older style games. But for a shiny new game I enjoyed it for what it was. My wife who does not like games, sat watching me play for an hour. She said it’s the first game I’ve ever played that she found interesting.

    Looking forward to future episodes.

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  2. Finally got time to listen to it today. Don’t know what it is but per Sam’s request – BLITZBALL! Thoroughly enjoyed this episode as always. The last three podcasts I have listened to while out walking so who says video games can’t be good exercise (in a roundabout way). So glad I stumbled across you guys right at the beginning. Consider me one of your loyal fans.

    Thanks for reading out some of my comments. Dylan; I enjoy the two angled approach to these reviews – the blog and the podcast. I find the blogs are good for exploring the history and mechanics of the game while the podcast goes in to the experience of playing it. Together you get a much more complete review. As for the question over additional screenshots; when I do my reviews I do try to put a screen shot between paragraphs just to break up the writing a bit but that’s just my personal preference and I feel it best suits my site’s look. I think the Sega Does blogs are the right balance for your site.

    Keep it up guys. Until next time.

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  3. Just to throw a suggestion out there, I think it would be cool to use the music from whatever games are featured in the podcast especially as the games should now start featuring some sort of soundtrack, just a suggestion great episode as always makes the trudge to work a little happier.
    Also this guy (Zachary Clifton) has some great SG-1000 video reviews on his you tube channel, worth checking out

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      • Sorry I wasn’t clear. During your episodes you have short little music intermissions from Sonic, Streets of Rage, etc. My suggestion was rather than use these more iconic tunes, use the music from the games featured in podcast. So the short music intermissions in this episode for example would be from Transbot and Teddy Boy instead of Sonic, etc.

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    • Yes that would be cool. I always think its a little weird hearing these Genesis tracks when talking about SG-1000 and Mark 3 games. If it were an easy thing to do, I’m all for it.

      Also that YouTube channel started up shorty after this blog and I was watching it for a bit. It’s ok but all the reviews seem a little overly enthusiastic. I much more enjoy reading about the games here. Sometimes you gotta call a turd a turd so to speak.


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