SegaDoes Podcast Episode 13: Wonder Boys A Go-Go!


Welcome to lucky (unlucky?) Episode 13, friends.

We’ve got quite the October feast for you today, a veritable symphony of SG-1000 and Mark III/Master System titles: F-16 Fighting Falcon, Great/Super Tennis, The Castle, Gulkave, Ninja Princess/The Ninja, Super Tank, Champion Kendou, and the ever-lovable Wonder Boy.

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No, there’s no need to thank us. Unless your manner of thanking comes in the form of fat checks, in which case, yes please, and you’re welcome.

As always, thank you for listening, and feel free to leave any comments in the comment section below. Your comments will be read on the next podcast, so make your insults and slanders clever and witty lest you sound like a fool.





9 thoughts on “SegaDoes Podcast Episode 13: Wonder Boys A Go-Go!

  1. Hey another great podcast. First when talking about games in a historical context. I often slip into calling it the Mega Drive. Especially when it hasn’t been released yet in the context of this blog. I don’t really know why, I grew up with a Genesis. Honestly I do like the name Mega Drive better but the Genesis is still a great name. (And yes I am an American)

    Second I still maintain that The Ninja is a great game. To me anyway, if I were to hold Wonderboy and it side by side, Id have a hard time picking my favorite. I guess knock that up to personal preferences and all that. I do feel it sounds like The Pixel Dude also hasn’t played very far into it. And it is kind of old school hard. But always fair.

    And I wouldn’t say Super Tennis is really good. But as Ive played both and Nintendo Tennis, it does not play the same. I think if you try to play them the same it just doesn’t work. Super Tennis is a lot more of a technical Tennis game than it looks, it uses 3D space and position for its hitting mechanics which no other Tennis game at the time I know of did and requires a kind of super reflex timing to be good at. Still that does not make it good. It is still frustrating as hell. But understanding the game mechanics more does make it playable. It is a game where watching the ball shadow and the height and speed are essential to winning. (I beat it back in the day with much much effort.) That double fault thing is infuriating and I could never reliably play a whole match without getting at least one of those.

    You bought up an interesting point in regards to reviewing Wonderboy. As it is actually a year or so ahead of current Master System releases. Maybe for standalone releases that are the same game but are drastically different on different systems, you should review them later. Reading about them all in the same article is great but it looks at all 3 versions of the game in vastly different historical perspectives. There were a lot of games prior to Wonderboy on the Master System that are more modern games. (Ok maybe not ALOT) But I definitely like seeing them all in the same article. Maybe you could do like you did with Hang On and amend the review or add to it when the newer game comes out. For instance I liked what you did with the Penguin land and Flicky pages and reviewed later Sega CD and compilation versions all at once. But maybe for games like Wonderboy on the SG-1000 and Master System you could add on that content later? I don’t know its just an idea. Your going to run into this issue again with Space Harrier obviously. To me SG-1000 Wonderboy almost doesn’t even seem like the same game as MS Wonderboy so many compromises were made. I guess what your doing is fine, but be prepared to play ALOT of Space Harrier back to back when you could just play them and review them in the context of the games you are playing and come back to later versions later and judge them accordingly. (I love Space Harrier but even I couldn’t stomach playing all those versions back to back to back to back…)

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    • Hey Sean, thanks as always for listening and commenting.

      You bring up an excellent point with the Wonder Boy review. The SG-1000 version and the Master System version feel like two different titles and probably could have been reviewed separately, whereas titles like Flicky and Teddy Boy Blues only received better graphics (and in Teddy Boy Blues’ case, a bizarre album) in later versions and could be reviewed all at the same time.

      Perhaps I’ll do what you suggest and add info in later a la Hang-On when the time comes for it. Then when the review is updated, I’ll throw a big fat [UPDATED] sign on it and leave it on the front page for a day.

      And I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on Super Tennis and Ninja.

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      • I think we pretty mix agree. I thought your B was fair for the Ninja. I only maybe would have given Super Tennis a C tops. Maybe I disagree with Sam more on the Ninja. (BTW I’m a sucker for ninja games.)

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    • Super Tennis is like 10 Yard Fight-published by Nintendo in the US as a launch title, but really published and developed by someone else in Japan (namely, Tonkin House and TOSE in this instance). That’s the main reason it plays so differently from the NES Tennis.


  2. I just typed a super long comment but because I was at work, I had to log in to WordPress and it erased it all. Got caught by the WordPress bug again. In summary cause I’m not typing this out again.

    1. American, often slip up and use Mega Drive interchagably with Genesis, especially when talking historically.

    2. Still love the Ninja. Personal preferences and all that, yes its old school hard. Yay. (Plus its a great looking game to boot.) How far did Pixel Dude play?

    3. Super Tennis is still not great, but a more technical game than it appears, does not play like Nintendo Tennis. Have to pay attention to 3D ball placement, ball shadow speed etc blah blah. Ya screw the double fault as well.
    4. Maybe Wonderboy is different enough on all 3 platforms to warrant its own blog post and kind of keep things in context of games it was released around? It was at least a year off from stuff you’ve been playing. See the conumdrum of the upcoming Space Harrier and playing all the versions of it back to back to back to back spanning 30 years. Like all of them in one blog post for sure when the games are similar enough. But maybe adding on to them later ala Hang On 2? Just a thought, even I couldn’t play all the versions of Space Harrier back to back without getting sick of them and be able to differentiate how good they were compared to when they were released. And I love Space Harrier.(Also I would never go back to SMS Space Harrier with better versions now, even though when it was released it was a perfectly acceptable port.)

    5. I totally forgot to mention this in my earlier aborted post. But loved adding music for the Master System games. It sure sounds a lot worse on a few than I remember, but I still love hearing it when as an intro to the games. Great addition if you ask me.


  3. Hi guys.

    Listening to the section about Champion Kendo and how odd it seemed for a “Champion” title made me think of all those weird and wonderful “Champion-games-that never-were”. Sorry Dylan if this gets a bit British at times but I am sure Sam can explain.

    – Champion Thumb War
    – Champion Rock, Paper, Scissors (Lizard, Spock 😀 )
    – Champion Morris Dancing (look it up. That begs for a “Champion” game)
    – Champion Staring Contest
    – Champion Celtic Log Throwing
    – Champion House of Cards

    To name but a few.

    Also I don’t know if you remember but you actually mentioned how bad Great Tennis was compared to NES Tennis way back in the very first podcast.

    Look forward to more as always. Take care

    – Tony

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  4. I would play the Hell out of Champion Staring Contest!
    I also nominate Champion Mumbletypeg and Champion Knife Between The Fingers. Some good old fashioned stabby fun for your SG-1000!

    Great podcast, as always! (And I’ve got to admit, I do get kind of a goofy little thrill when Sam plays one of my goofy song suggestions :P)

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