SegaDoes Podcast Episode 17: Lotta Catchin’ Up To Do

Our last episode devoted its time solely to Alex Kidd in Miracle World, which was great and needed to happen. As a result, though, the podcast drain got severely clogged with games, both good and bad (mostly bad). What is a podcast drain, you ask? I don’t know. Provide a definition in the comments, along with your thoughts on this week’s banter!

Don’t be alarmed at the RadioSEGA bumpers. We’re teaming up with them for their WinterFest 2014 Sega podcast/music blowout. If you like Sega music, interviews with Sega luminaries, and other assorted goodies, please check them out.

Enjoy the podcast here or subscribe to us on iTunes! Episode 17 will be our last until after Christmas and possibly New Years (reviews will continue unabated). From Sam and me and RadioSEGA and the ghosts of Sega past (poor Toe Jam and Earl), Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Chipper New Year!




8 thoughts on “SegaDoes Podcast Episode 17: Lotta Catchin’ Up To Do

  1. I think SAMs light gun has to be broken. I never had zero problems with the SMS light phaser. It was one of the most resposive accurate light guns I’ve used on a home console. It could be a 50 Hz thing. Or the TV.

    Im sad to hear SAMs disparaging of Space Harrier. I can understand just not liking the game. The graphics are only bad compared to the arcade. For home consoles it looked great at the time. And it played great. I got a ton of fun out of it. And like any good arcade port, I was able to master the home version and then go and beat the arcade. Even with it’s frame rate, it played really good. I played the crap out of it and I never felt like I was playing a bad game. But, he is right about Space Harrier 3D. The frame rate is so bad with the 3 D as to make it unplayable. And it’s very uninspired.

    I kind of knew Sam was going to like Astro Warrior as well. It definetly was in the style of the SG shooters he liked.

    I think why Black Onyx was not on The SMS was it was being made at the same time with Phantasy Star. I think I read something the same team kind of did Black Onyx on the side.

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    • I think that Sam may have an excellent point about the 50Hz/PAL thing, especially with Sega consoles. PAL is a red-headed stepchild of TV formats in the best of times, since film has had a 24 frame/second standard since the ’20s, which means PAL gets things sped-up (though now, with Blu-ray and the push for 1080p, TV shows produced for PAL territories are getting slowed down on home video), and video games are even worse when not optimized for the format (and Sega’s cart-based systems are essentially universal on the cartridge level). The hit detection for light gun games on the Master System and NES must be all kinds of shot to hell in PAL territories since Nintendo and Sega never even considered the effects of the switch in TV standards.

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  2. Hi guys. I’m actually a little sad that the SG-1000 reviews are over. Yes they were bad games but they have provided a source of amusement hence they become so-bad-they’re-good. That is largely what retrogaming is about I suppose. Your reviews have also allowed us to see Sega’s evolution more clearly as time goes on.

    As for the Space Harrier good/bad debate I only played it for the first time last year and I was not impressed. However nearly everyone who does speak positively of it had it as a child and as I have said before the nostalgia of playing a game you had as a child often makes up for it not standing the test of time. It was the same for me with Pro Wrestling; I recognise now how bad it was but still love playing it as it reminds me of when it was the only wrestling game me and my friends had at the time and so played the hell out of it.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you Dylan. Please pass it on to Sam for me. Look forward to more in the New Year.


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