Happy New Year!


A new year is upon us, friends. And with it comes new goals, new responsibilities, and a butt-ton more Sega games to play.

I look forward to continuing Sega Does on a regular basis, but I do want to take a small step back and re-evaluate this blog and my writing in general. Ever since I moved cross-country and started a new job (a job which takes up considerable more man hours than my last job), I feel like my writing has taken a decline. I would like to blame the loss of hours in the day and the loss of sleep during the week for my turn downwards. While I do think that’s part of the problem, I’ve also just gotten lazy and comfortable. I’ve been writing spasmodic game reviews going on four years now at the expense of all the other types of writing I used to do. Sometimes I publish reviews that I’m not entirely proud of, thinking, Oh well, it’s good enough. I know I’m just writing about Sega games and not political articles for the Guardian or something, but it matters to me that my work is good – both for you, the readers, and for myself as a writer. Since I have no one looming over my shoulder, telling me what content is good and what isn’t, I have to self-edit and sometimes that doesn’t go so well.

I know this probably sounds like I’m going to be slowing down production on Sega Does, but I’m not. I’ll keep pumping out Sega reviews until my money’s gone, because I’m committed to the cause. I am, however, going to focus on higher-quality work, which will probably result in less posts per week. And, as if I need more to do, I’m also revitalizing Questicle.net in preparation for the forthcoming NES Compendium. In other words, I’ll likely be as busy as ever, but not always on Sega Does.

As always, I really appreciate everyone’s patience and encouragement as I try to sort out my concerns. I know that, as a writer/artist, I’ll never be fully content with what I produce. And that’s ok. I do, however, know the difference between my quality work and my half-assed work, and the latter has been taking over lately. That’s not ok.

May you all have a blessed, healthy 2015 with lots of rest and awesome gaming experiences.




13 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Can’t say I’ve seen a reduction in quality of your reviews, maybe it’s because the last few games haven’t been the big hitters you can really get your teeth into, but Out Run, Shinobi and Phantasy Star are on the horizon or perhaps you are your own biggest critic ?
    I understand creative people like your good self are introspective and often need time out to refresh. I Love your blog and very much appreciate the time you put into it and if the reviews are less frequent but your happier with them that’s good with me.
    Happy New Year everyone !

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  2. I understand totally about a writer, or an artist, or a musician not feeling like what they’re doing is good enough. It’s what drives creative people to improve, so I think it’s both a good and a bad thing (bad if it breaks you down so you can’t do anything).
    However, reading back through some of your earlier write-ups on Questicle, I can definitely a marked improvement in your writing. And I know you’ll only get better if you keep it up. Which is why projects like this that force you to write are good. Keep going, man. I’ll keep reading!

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  3. I don’t see how your more recent reviews have been worse, but you can always take it easy/take a break if you’re really not content. After all, you’re doing this for free and I can imagine it would take a while to both play the games, think about what you want to say, and put it into words. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

    In any case, as a Nintendo guy this has been a very fun journey so far, and I’m looking forward to hearing more on the NES book.

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  4. I know this encouragement comes 18 months late, but I say do what you need to for your own professional and creative satisfaction, when you need to do it. The level of research you’re doing for Sega Does is impressive to say the least, and if slowing down a little helps to make that sustainable for you, then so much the better for your loyal readership.

    By the way: like other commenters, I haven’t perceived any decline in the quality of your writing, but I occasionally miss the unpredictability and experimentation of Questicle. Maybe that will fade once I reach your reviews of some of my favourites! Either way, I feel like you’ve taken your work to a whole new level and become even more internationally relevant in the process.

    One cheeky nitpick: you often use “amount” when “number” is more correct. If you can quantify something as a frequency then number is used; if you quantify it as a volume etc, then amount is used. Eg a number of points/options/bullets vs an amount of pain/sand/dreck. Sorry – I manage a govt stats office so I’ve become pedantic about this sort of thing. 🙂

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