SegaDoes Episode 18: We’re On-A-Rolla Gay!


So many sports games in this episode, boyos! Settle down in your favorite comfy chair, sling back a sud or two, and listen to us deride Sega’s Master System sports line. Alongside the sports games, there’s also Sukeban Deka II, Sega’s curious adaptation of the sequel to a television show based on a manga, about a bratty, metallic yo-yo wielding girl kidnapped by the government to do their bidding. Oh Sega, what were you thinking!

Go on! Episode 18 awaits!


As always, feel free to reflect with/despise us in the comments below. Cheers!


9 thoughts on “SegaDoes Episode 18: We’re On-A-Rolla Gay!

  1. Man out of all the things to comment on it was the end of the episode that got me going. I will take SMS Outrun over any single 8-bit racing game. Including Rad Racer. It’s fantastic.

    You know I don’t want to be this guy . But you realize that in the 8- bit days you pretty much have to read the instruction books to learn the controls. Modern games have done away with that. To say you don’t know how to shoot the basketball or throw different punches in Rocky, that all is in the instruction book. Look I suck at Punch Out because I’ve never read the instructions to learn how to play that game properly. The punches in Rocky are not hard. I do like Sams comment comparing it to Rock em Sockem robots. That not entirely an exaggeration. But there is skill in the game with weaving out and in and throwing different punches depending on how close you are. But if you don’t know how to throw the punches I don’t see how you could enjoy it. Same with basketball. Having a 2 press shot mechanic is pretty standard in basketball games. It makes the act of shooting a little more skill based rather than press x to shoot. In great basketball if you time your button press at the top of your jump the chances of it going in improve dramatically. There was nothing control wise hard at all in that game. It was just a rather repetitive game. I have to ask if Sam reads the controls or manual online somewhere or just plops the game in and starts playing.

    Also I belive Outrun 2 never saw a home release any where and was arcade only. It was an upgrade to the original board. And it came out in 1989. At that time it wasn’t quite as impressive as the original.


    • Haven’t played Outrun myself yet, but I do know Sam grew up with a gently used Master System. Not sure if the manuals came with the games he had or not, though.

      Not sure about Sam, but I read FAQs, which have the controls in them. I don’t think the controls for Rocky or Great Basketball are bad – particularly when compared to Great Volleyball. My beef with Rocky, as you know, has always been the insane difficulty spikes. Perhaps Sam will show up to defend himself here. Either way, I’m sure the topic will be covered in the next podcast.

      As for OutRun 2, it was definitely released for the original Xbox, but I’m not sure if it was an entirely new OutRun 2 or if it was based on the ’89 arcade game.

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      • That Outrun 2 is totally different. And from what I’ve heard a spectacular game on the 360. Along with coast to coast.

        And you guys are right. Rocky is not great. More glitz than substance. But I really second the recommendation to watch the last Rocky and Rambo movies. Both are pretty great. The Rambo one in particular deals with him trying to come to peace with himself amid one last rigeous fight, not for govt, but to protect good people. The last Rocky move was equally poignant. I don’t know why they are going back to the well again as they wrapped up both series nicely with those two movies.

        Also Wolfenstein was one of my top 5 games last year as well. It just does a good job as a single player shooter with a great story and gameplay. I don’t know if I can get into a Muso game. Even if it is Zelda. I’ve watched some streams and it just doesn’t look like its for me.

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  2. OutRun is very decent on Master System, good on Mega Drive and freaking awesome on Saturn.

    There was a plethora of Out Run games released:
    Turbo Out Run
    Out Run 2019
    Battle Out Run
    Out Run Europa
    Out Runners

    Many people viewed Turbo Out Run as Out Run 2 until the actual Out Run 2 arrived as it ran on similar arcade hardware, Perhaps that’s what your refering to Sean ?


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