SegaDoes Episode 20: Holy Crap, We’re On Episode 20


The triumphant forward march of the SegaDoes podcast ventures ever onward!

Today, some good’uns, and unsurprisingly, some not so good’uns. Great Golf, Great Baseball, Fantasy Zone II, Aztec Adventure and Penguin Land. An esoteric bunch, if nothing else.

Download/listen here or subscribe to us on iTunes and leave us a review! We like reviews and subscriptions. And if you agree/disagree/just want to give us virtual daps, feel free to leave a comment below. Who knows, we might just read it on the air! (we will totally read it on the air).



6 thoughts on “SegaDoes Episode 20: Holy Crap, We’re On Episode 20

  1. Oh you should most def start posting on Facebook!
    “Share if you like Nintendo, like if you love Sega!”
    “Dylan reviewed 800 NES games, you won’t believe what happened next!”
    “15 Sega mascots that ruined their good looks”

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  2. Hi guys. So glad you liked the box art (Sam I hope this improves your opinion of me after the Rocky V debacle). If you guys would like one knocked together for an occasion such as the first Game Gear reviews or Christmas/easter/etc just let me know what you want and I’ll do what I can.

    After his comments about Fantasy Zone its going to be interesting to see what Sam thinks about the ultimate Sega cute’em up the 32X’s Kolibri.

    Glad to hear things are going so well. Proud to say I was hear from the beginning when the fact an SG-1000 game had things like grass physics 😀

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  3. Great episode. You know Im totally onboard with why Sam doesn’t like Fantasy Zone. It is a strange shooter. I just dug into 3DS arcade remaster and it’s pretty good. They made numerous I provments to the game like a small map on the bottom of the screen showing the remaining bases. I’m enjoying it so far. Beat the first level OK but the second one got hard quick. But the M2 VC games are miles ahead of the standard Nintendo VC ones. If you haven’t tried them on 3DS you should check them out. The features and configurations and should be standard to all VC releases.

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