Before Sega Does…


… there was Questicle the site where I reviewed every North American NES game, all 754 of ’em. It took three-and-a-half years, gallons of coffee, and bouts of personal sickness and trauma, but I made it. Soon – within the next week – I’ll be giving the site its biggest overhaul yet, away from the outdated optimism of Blogger and into the sleek, cold-hearted professionalism of WordPress. Questicle 2.0 will pave the way for The NES Compendium, a re-imagining of the blog into book form, comprised of new reviews, screenshots, features.


This is a lot of work, which means my free time has to be pulled from Sega Does. Unfortunately, I’m not doing this whole “renegade game reviewer” for a living yet, and thus can’t devote piles of man hours to both projects. Until Questicle 2.0 is go for launch, Sega Does updates will be sparse. I’ll do the best I can to shove out two reviews a week, but I promise nothing, because broken promises don’t make friends.


Thanks for your continued support and interest in my Sega-related ramblings.






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