SegaDoes Podcast: Episode 23 – Family Games


Episode 23 is here and not a moment too soon!


This episode goes all the way back to the disappointing port of After Burner for the Master System and ends on a confusing note with Parlour Games. With the exception of Zaxxon 3D, none of the games were worth prattling on about, but there is a special guest cameo at the end that makes up for the somewhat lacking selection.


Listen! Download! Enjoy! Leave comments below!


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3 thoughts on “SegaDoes Podcast: Episode 23 – Family Games

  1. Great podcast. Well good considering the games but I can hardly fault you for that. Pretty much spot on anylsis of these games. I really think Dylan hit it on the head with my feelings on Afterburner. It’s not so much a bad game. Its a decent port but the game is just kind of Meh outside of the arcade. Not really much to it at home. At least the 3DS port brings the authentic arcade experience with spot on emulation and added benefits of 3D and new burst modes. Not really a reason to go back to the SMS version.

    Thinking about the far future of Sega Does, If and when you actually get to the Saturn, is Sam going to actually buy the Saturn games as well to play them all? I know it’s going to be a challenge just for Dylan to start buying them all. But it seems that for both of you to get them all would be a challenge. Unless you guys can somehow share the games back and forth but I ternational shipping is expensive.


    • I don’t want to speak for Sam, but I know he has quite a few Saturn games already and a good chunk of the Dreamcast. It will be ridiculously hard to find some of the Japanese Saturn games, but hopefully we can do it. We shall see!

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