Sega Does Podcast, Episode 24: Happy Birthday, Mr. Website


After much inactivity on my part this week due to life shenanigans and site re-launches, we have a gift from Sam: Episode 24 is here!


This episode gives props to such games as Gangster Town while decrying others like Missile Defense 3-D and Ghostbusters. We also talk about the first anniversary of Sega Does and play 20 questions to uncover the name of Sam’s latest arcade purchase. It is, as we say in America, a hoot and a holler.


Download here and subscribe to us on iTunes. Let us rule your eardrums in every way!


As per usual, leave all remarks, asides, garbled propaganda, and songs of hope in the comments sections below. And hey, thanks for listening!


9 thoughts on “Sega Does Podcast, Episode 24: Happy Birthday, Mr. Website

  1. Speaking of the Saturn, it absulutlu had some great games. It’s just so Japanese. It was Sega most popular console in Japan ever and outsold the N64. It also led the the PS in sales the first 2 years. Because of that it is also the console with the largest exclusive Japanese library I think. A huge number of games never saw the light of day here. It is easily the game system I have the most imports for.

    As far as ideas about skipping foreign releases and only doing English games? It wouldn’t very well be Sega Does if you did that. I’d have to disapprove , plus it would not reptesent the system as Segas most popular system in its home country if you did that.
    As far as Sega CD, most emulators play Sega CD games pretty perfectly. It’s not hard to dowload ISO’s of the disks and play them on emulation. In fact most emulators will play real Sega CD disks if you put it on your computer drive. Sega CD very accesible.


    • I got nothing against the Saturn, particularly as I have very little experience with it. I’m looking forward to playing a lot of the games, particularly since I missed out on the 32-bit systems.

      As for skipping titles, I understand where you’re coming from. But unless I’m raking in the Patreon dollars, I just don’t see how this will be financially feasible, particularly as I don’t want the site to come to a screeching halt because I don’t have the money to pay for certain games. I want the site’s original purpose to stay pure, but I have to be realistic too.


      • Well your always welcome down the line to use my small collection which includes a lot of the expensive ones. But I kind of think it really like an investment. You start picking up the early stuff. Then sell it off to finance the next batch of games. Generally these games only go up on value, so as long as you aren’t keeping the games, or keeping very few of them you won’t be losing any money, or more likely gaining some money.

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  2. But shouldn’t have to worry for awile. I counted you’ve done 155 reviews so far. I started counting the rest of the SMS game and Genesis games till 1995 I stopped counting I. The 900’s. But easily tops 1000. Add on Sega Cd and 32 X your looking at probrably 1200 reviews to go till saturn. I’d assume as games get more complex the time between reviews will be a little slower. So let’s just say that at this pace, you might not get to Saturn for 10 years. Maybe like 8 years if you keep this pace. If you really go Gang Ho and quit your job or something 5 years, but I’m giving 4.00 just me right now. So that’s 44 dollars a year. That’s like 440.00 dollars just from me in ten years. ITA not even worth mentioning now, as it really is far out, but I’m sure you’ll have plenty of money for these games if you factor in Patreon and reselling the games. I believe there roughly 1000 Saturn Discs give or take. Say the average cost is ( I’m making this up here) 30 dollars. Probrably less. And say you somehow worse case scenario get only 80 percent return on investment. (Most likely you would get a positive return) that’s 10 years to get 6000 dollars. I would like to think that’s doable via Patreon. Best case scenario, you put away and start getting games now, selling them at a 20-50 percent markup, and you are rolling in dough later lol.

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    • Shew, that’s a lot of stinkin’ games. But you’re right! If Sega Does is going to keep on truckin’, it will probably be years before I dig deep into the Saturn. Good point on the return investment as well. And I appreciate your offer to let me use some of the games. When the time comes – when we’re all a little older, dumpier and grayer – I will let you know, haha.

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  3. Sam you naysayer !
    The Saturn is great. The western market was fixated on 3D which the Saturn was admittedly very hit and miss with. The thing is the Saturn Japanese library is vastly superior to the western one.
    In following from Sean’s great points. The Japanese versions are usually cheaper than the western versions. Another option given the patchy emulation of the Saturn is to perhaps get your Saturn ‘chipped’ ?

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