Sega Does Episode 25: The Great Alex Kidd Debacle


Sam and I have had little spats before, but nothing compares to our disagreement over Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars. We argued about this game for what felt like half the episode, me shaking my head that Sam couldn’t appreciate the colorful platforming, and he not understanding how I could call the game ‘easy.’ For twenty minutes or so, we became the greatest old married couple in gaming podcast history.


Listen to/Download the squabble here.


Are you Team Dylan or Team Sam? Leave comments stating your position on Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars below.


12 thoughts on “Sega Does Episode 25: The Great Alex Kidd Debacle

  1. I have a fond memory of the Alex Kid games from the Master System. While Lost Stars is not my favorite in the series (that spot is reserved for miriacle world), it brings the sort of “stuck in a toy box” imagination in its bright artwork that was important to Sega as it tried to push its vibrant color palet at Nintendo’s face. I do agree with Sam that Lost stars can be a bit daunting of a platformer, but if you take your time with it, and time your jumps and shimmies, you will see the game can easily be completed in a couple short hours.Now who wants to play rock paper scissors?

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  2. I think she you mentioned the graphics comment in Space Harrie 3D, it was all new enemies.mbut the graphical style was way different. Lots of strange triangle shapes etc. first boss made up of really angular triangles. The first game had way better looking enemy sprites. I really don’t understand how anyone could have a hard time playing lost stars. How could someone master the intricate physics and jumps of Mario and not master this game? If anything ,I’m liked this game for its varied levels and enemy designs. Every level was distinct and different. And fun. The platforming was rather basic though. But the bosses were cool. I am sure I stand somewhere in the middle groun on lost stars. But I probrably lean closer to Dylan’s opinion. What Sam is talking about doesn’t even sound like he played the same game.

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  3. After listening to the podcast I had to try Alex Kidd – The Lost Stars to get a sense of what the discussion was all about. His horrified shriek upon being hit stirred a dark, sadistic emotion inside me…an emotion that made me want to cause the little monkey boy prince circus freak endless torment. When I felt the smile creep upon my face as I reveled in his pitiable anguished cry I realized Alex Kidd – The Lost Stars was turning me into something twisted and evil…

    Now excuse me, I have some monkey boy to torture….

    Great podcast!

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  4. Great podcast. I had a love hate relationship with this game as a kid. All the games were my brothers so I had to play what he had. Miracle world was my favorite Alex Kid game but it was pretty hard and I couldn’t get past the first castle.
    Lost stars was very silly but i was good at it so I played it a lot. I never really WANTED to play it but my video game picking were slim so i played it till I beat it.
    The only other games we had were Shinobi, Rastan, Kenseiden, and a couple sports games that I didn’t like. Lost Stars and Rastan were the only ones I could beat.

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