SegaDoes Episode 27: Forever Blowing Bubbles




Sam and I have seen the future of gaming and it is… not Sega’s 3D glasses. We’ll just keep holding out for Oculus Rift or HoloLens or Project LaurenceFishburne.


Today’s episode features such glory hogs as Shinobi and Super Racing, are-they-or-aren’t-they-good-games like Bubble Bobble, Captain Silver and Kenseiden, and out-and-out misfires like Lord of the Sword. A wild bunch, to say the least. The Master System’s heady days are in full swing.


Listen/download here.


And hey, we might be playing lots of old games, but we don’t live inside a vacuum. We also discuss the Shenmue 3 announcement and what Ryo’s continuing adventures mean for society.


As always, thanks for listening. You’re all gentlemen and scholars.



4 thoughts on “SegaDoes Episode 27: Forever Blowing Bubbles

  1. First I’d like to say I really appreciate Sam and the podcast. And he always has interesting things to say. And also that this is primarily Dylan’s quest, as he’s reviewing the games. But sometimes I think Sam doesn’t even try playing these games. Like more than than once listening to him talk about a game and I think he hasn’t even played the game, or very little. I picture him booting up the game, playing thirty seconds, and turning it off while saying, “Well this is rubbish.” Although I appreciate his through insights on the formula 1 racing game. Wait till you get to to Super Monaco GP on the Genesis. If you liked this game, that will blow you away.

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  2. I stand by my comment that Kenseiden isn’t that hard of a game. It certainly isn’t even close to being as hard as Shinobi. I also think it’s a great game! 🙂

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