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The Sega Does Podcast is no more. There’s various factors going into this decision, but the main one is, Sam can’t devote time to the podcast anymore. I do not blame him for this at all. He has a home business, a wife, and kids to take care of. He was also the one who recorded and edited the entire show and paid for the hosting fees for segadoes.libsyn.com (the latter I didn’t know about until today, though I should’ve figured it out long ago and offered to help). The man handled all the podcast duties, in other words. I just showed up with some knowledge of the games.

I’m very thankful to Sam for all his hard work. His efforts made the podcast as fun as it was for our devoted group of listeners. We tackled all the SG-1000 library and a good chunk of the Japanese Master System games. We ranted against the perils of mobile gaming, like two old men sitting on a porch, waiting for the world to burn. He made a fool out of me with 20 Questions! The time I’ve had podcasting with him will not be forgotten.

Of course, Sam is still around. You can find him on Twitter @thepixel_dude. He doesn’t post much, but you should tweet at him anyway. Tell him how much you appreciated his work.

The 27 episodes of the podcast are still up for now on segadoes.libsyn.com, but due to hosting fees, they will be taken down in the near future. If you want to download them, head there or over to iTunes before they’re gone forever.

As for any future podcast plans, maybe, but not right now. Not for awhile. The rapport that Sam and I had was special. Not only that, I don’t really want to replace him, ever. I’m open to being a guest on other Sega podcasts. Until I’m ready to move on or (wishful thinking) Sam is able to come back, Sega Does will press on in blog-form only.

Thanks for reading my bummer news. Y’all are the hotness.



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0 thoughts on “Farewell to Sam

  1. This really saddens me. I looked forward to a lot. It was my first podcast is listen too before others. Thanks Sam for the great work. And that’s saying a lot since I listen too few really good gaming podcasts that I rated yours so highly. The subject matter and format really spoke to me. As well as your chemistry. A shame we could t hear you two talk about Genesis games.

  2. Well this is a bummer. I really enjoyed the podcasts and the chemistry you both had. But I understand real life sometimes gets in the way.
    Thanks for everything Sam your contributions will be missed.
    All the best.

  3. Blah, this sucks! I totally understand but man… it’s a hard pill to swallow. Sam, we appreciate all the hard work you did on the podcast. Don’t be a stranger to SegaDoes!

  4. I’m really missing the Sega Does podcast. Seeing all these new reviews, for a second I catch myself thinking I can’t wait for what they say on the podcast. Then reality sets in.

  5. Oh wow, I just found this podcast a couple weeks ago and am on episode 26. I wansnt paying attention to the dates. Man I was loving this podcast. You guys were great.

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