UPDATE: A Proposition




UPDATE: Well, it looks like folks are almost unanimously in favor of longer reviews. Longer reviews it is! Thanks to all who contributed their opinions. I appreciate the feedback, both on the site and on Twitter/Google+.


Hello Sega friends,

Since the end of the Sega Does podcast and my working on the ever-forthcoming NES book, the site has felt a bit wanting in terms of content. I’ve noticed it, you’ve noticed it. It sucks, plain and simple.

That being said, I have an idea to pump out new content on a more regular basis: shorter reviews for games that aren’t worth the extra time/words. When I say “short,” I mean a return to the 1-2 paragraph days of questicle.net. And when I say “games that aren’t worth the extra time,” I mean stuff like my last review, Casino Games. Not a bad title, but did it need 700 words devoted to it? The goal isn’t to rush through the Sega library, but to devote more time to games that deserve it.

I leave this in your hands. This sounds like a nice idea both for me and for the readers, but ultimately, you all are the ones consuming said content. If you prefer the slightly longer reviews and are fine with the current 1-2 reviews/week system set in place, I’m ok with that. If you wish the site had more content and are open to shorter reviews, let me know.

The comments are yours! Thanks for the feedback.



Cheers to artist EdoBean for this cracking image of a confused Sonic.


12 thoughts on “UPDATE: A Proposition

  1. Okay so I’ve been reading this stuff since day one and I’ve got a thought. While lesser games may not justify, let’s say 700, words, and while it can eat time and push back more reviews I think you(I don’t know you this is an assumption on typically what it seems folks like) and your readers would ultimately be more fully satisfied if you carried on with your slow process reviews. It’s nice to have and ultimately, the games that would end up getting the short end of the review are the ones that might never get reviewed otherwise. I believe it would hold a more solid consistency. Also to start giving short reviews right before really going sticks deep in the genesis doesn’t make sense from a purely observational standpoint-Let’s say to a reader that finds the reviews five years after you’re done with your mighty task. I can’t speak to your personal life or what pressures you lie under so I don’t want to be making requests from a guy that’s already given me so much.

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  2. I don’t mind the slow pace personally. Some of the obscure games deserve thorough reviews. I think your site will benefit with the extra work put in and it could be the place to go for the complete Sega gaming history. I applaud all the effort you’ve put in so far. Thanks for your effort!

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  3. While I’m totally ok with short reviews as someone that writes ultra tiny reviews myself i do feel you have to stay consistent with your content style. Its ultimately up to you to decide what you like more, the review style i used before created longer reviews and took more time but that doesn’t always mean they’re better.

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  4. While I don’t follow like I used to given my ignorance of most things Sega, I agree with everyone above. If you change your style now, it’ll be hard to get back to longer reviews when you have more time.

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  5. Yeah I agree with the others.
    When this mighty task is completed I think it will be the definitive Sega encyclopaedia. To give each and every game the attention you give them will make for an awesome end product.
    As always though your call.

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  6. That’s a good idea. Some of these games just aren’t worth the effort and there are a lot of low quality titles in the Sega library. I think it’s a good idea to blow through the lesser ones so can put more effort into the good ones.

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  7. For what it’s worth, I tend to find your reviews of terrible games far more entertaining than those of good games. Lack of decent gameplay seems to provide artistic fuel for your endeavours. 🙂

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