SegaDoes Episode 29: Altered Space


So we recorded a new SegaDoes episode yesterday, and it went live… last night. That’s some crazy turnaround time there, Sam.

Anywho, this episode focuses on the first four Mega Drive games: Space Harrier II, Super Thunder Blade, Altered Beast, and Osomatsu-kun Hachimecha Gekijou. I wrote that last one from memory just now. Amazing!

Episode 29

After this, we should be going back to our SegaDoes Mk.1 days of putting out an episode once every two weeks. Please look forward to Episode 30, a.k.a. the last episode of 2015 (cray) around December 18th.

Quick question: does anyone who listens to the podcast care about these little posts? I don’t mind writing them, but if they’re repetitive or redundant (you can just click on the SegaDoes Podcast link in the menu to find new episodes, after all), let me know.



16 thoughts on “SegaDoes Episode 29: Altered Space

  1. Awesome the podcast is back on. It really does complete the site. And yes! With no post there would be nothing to comment on!

    So yea, it was good looking at the first few Mega Drive games. Maybe would have been more interesting doing the launch lineups in the US and UK. Because I think there was a reason they waited to launch in the US outside of just logistics. They needed to get games good enough for a US launch Im guessing.(They should have had a fantastic library on hand for UK launch)

    So the US launch games if memory serves, Space Harrier 2 , Altered Beast, Super Thunder Blade, Last Battle, Tommy Lasorda Baseball, Thunder Force 2,Followed a couple of weeks later the first week of Sept. with Ghouls and Ghosts, Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf, and World Championship Soccer. (So if you didn’t get the Genesis in your area you likely got all of these at launch when it did get there. Waiting 2 or 3 weeks for Ghouls and Ghosts was agonizing.)

    Then to round out the year I believe the US got Mystic Defender, Super Hang On, Revenge of Shinobi, Forgotten Worlds, Rambo III, Truxton, Herzog Zwei.

    Not bad for launch window lineup from August to Christmas. Definitely better than the anemic Japanese launch. Most of these games you obviously haven’t covered yet for 1989. Actually you’ve only reviewed the 1988 Japanese games so far I believe. In fact games like Alex Kidd and Phantasy Star 2 came out in early 1989 in Japan, far before most of the SMS games your doing came out in the US.

    Altered Beast. I’ll say once again was good for its time. Remember, this is far before stuff like Final Fight etc. It was still a showpiece game. Yet I cant argue with Sam when he said its a little wooden. I cant remember thinking that at the time, but it definitely feels so in retrospect. But it doesn’t detract from it being a fun game to play through once or twice.

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  2. Not to be rude. I’ve never been a fan of podcasts by anyone. Too many “uhhs” and “yeahs”. Just bores my lonely ears.

    Youtube and some type of video editing would skyrocket this to great lengths. Maybe like what phoney-pat punk does or clanofthegreywolf?

    Can’t wait for Mega Drive time. I got my eyes on you, DC. Don’t hold back those beautiful words you spew…

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    • I don’t blame you. Podcasts are a very mixed bag for me. Some people have that preternatural broadcasting talent, most don’t. Don’t think I do, but people keep downloading the show so what do I know…

      Not a bad idea re: Youtube. I’ll talk to Sam about that. And as for the Mega Drive, me too buddy. Me too.


  3. I sounded like an asshole. Not my intent. Just my experiences with podcasts. Do y’all film yourselves while recording? I’d watch and sub in a heartbeat.

    There’s just something about the visual experience. Even if it’s just 2 dorks talking Sega.

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      • Wow, I have never thought about gopros, but that’s a great idea. I do have a Patreon, though I’ll be honest, if you contributed now, the money probably wouldn’t go towards video stuff just yet. If you click on the ‘Supporting the Author’ link in the main menu, it will take you there.


  4. If hearing “WISE FWOM YOUR GWAVE!” or “WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM!” doesn’t make you laugh like an idiot than I don’t know, man. It’s like that movie Werewolf where the werewolf drives a car, it’s like a high bar for unintentional comedy. Or, like, things that always make me laugh because inside, I’m actually still 13 years old.

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  5. Great podcast! I remember getting the Genesis in the launch window and playing Altered Beast and Space Harrier non stop. I really loved both games but I don’t think either one really holds up all that well today, But I still find both games fun to put in from time to time.

    Thanks again for bringing the podcast back!

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