SegaDoes Podcast Episode 31: 2016 Blowout


Yes, friends, the first SegaDoes Podcast of 2016 is here. We talk about California Games (I hate, Sam love), R-Type, and other Sam-picked games that we never got to during our hiatus. The show is rambly and messy and just a tad uncouth, but also amusing, in a “middle-school high jinks” sort of way. Next episode, we will be back to our own impossibly high standards.

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Like what you hear? Wonder why we’re not taking our work more seriously? Leave us a comment and we will probably* read it on air.

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14 thoughts on “SegaDoes Podcast Episode 31: 2016 Blowout

  1. Don’t get second thoughts on R-Type. It’s one of the SMS and all of 8-bit’s best shooters and deserved that A. Plus it has an extra level. Sure the PC-engine port is nearly arcade perfect, but we didn’t see that till 89-90 in the US and it came on two cards! Also Time soldiers is a port of one of my favorite arcade games of the era. Ikari Warriors type gameplay with bosses and time travel to different eras. It’s not as sharp as the arcade game. Was my last SMS purchase. It came out middle of the year before the Genesis released in the US. Might watch a video or try out the arcade game in MAME to compare.

    Ya this episode was sure rambling. Besides Snake invading this Sega podcast, it was still very enjoyable. Get that book out!

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    • Rtype was a great game. Never could finish it without the invicibilty code, but who could?

      Dylan, your general SMS feelings in the podcast are kind of harsh. I know you’re tired of it and want to move on, but It was the only way you could experience sega arcade titles at home before the Genesis. Yeah the port of Altered Beast is inferior, but your comparing it to versions that were not easily accessible in 1989. I had the game and felt it was fun on the master system, which was the only way you could play it without shelling out huge money for the just released Genesis. I suspect your review of Golden Axe will be similar, and I too had it on the SMS and recall it being fun.

      There will be some more good titles in 90 and 91 and look forward to the reviews. I held on to the Master system longer than most, up until about 92 when I got a Genesis. In hindsight I wish I had experienced those early Genesis years with its superior arcade ports, but the SMS will always be my favorite system in those years.

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      • Jason, you’re absolutely right, I shouldn’t be so hard on the Master System. But it’s so hard, man. I grew up with the other 8-bit system, the NES. I can officially say I’ve played every North American NES game. Two-thirds of those games are complete crap, but that one-third of good-to-great games is superior to the majority of the Master System library. I say this as someone who is – legitimately – sick of the constant NES praise and fanboyism. Sick of it. And yet… I understand it. That system changed the game. And to be fair, the Master System is not a BAD system, just an underutilized one. Poor Sega had to maintain that sucker through its entire life, so of course, lots of mediocre games got squeezed out.

        I want to like Master System more than I do. And I understand why those who grew up with it still hold it in high regard. But the library – including the arcade ports – is lacking to me.


  2. I feel like you are enjoying all the same titles more or less I enjoyed. (Save for the Ninja maybe. And Great Tennis.) But there have only been really a handful of really bad SMS games. Most come out kind of average. It all about numbers. Maybe there were a lot of bad NES games. I think far more than on the SMS by a long shot. But the numbers also mean there were still far more good games on the NES. Because the system had far more games. I think if you were a normal person who had maybe a dozen games, you could have had a quite good SMS experience if you had the really good ones. Just like on the NES if you had a dozen games , they might also be the better ones. The really great SMS games have always stuck with me as much as the great NES games. I think when you play EVERY game, you are exposed to a lot more of the worse games. I feel if it would have got the support from 3rd party’s like the the NES did, it would have a flood of good games. Like look at the great games the Genesis got when pretty much all the big Japanese developers got on board.

    That being said, I’ve heard about a lot of great SMS games in the later years that we never got here. I’ve actually heard good things about SMS Golden Axe, Golden Axe Warrior, Power Strike 2 is supposedly an 8-bit masterpiece. Master of Darkness (I think that’s what it’s called< the castlevania clone) And some people swear by the SMS Sonic games.

    But really, the drying up of Japanese support at the end of 1988 slowed things to a trickle of games in 89 that were good. I think when European devs got on board in 90 and Game Gear cross development gave it a shot of quality titles later on, most of,which I missed out on playing. So really looking forward to hearing about these later SMS releases and finding the gems.

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    • Once again, Sean, you’ve been the sobering yin to my raging yang. These are all great points. And I never thought about European devs getting on board in 1990 and beyond.I look forward to better MS games, at any rate. The system deserves better than the dreck served up in 1989.


      • It is an amazing game, for the time. It does great stuff with story and characters. But it is an extremely grindy experience that you will want to give yourself time to play. I think at the time , remember this came out in the US before any NES RPG’s, we didn’t know any better any it was kind of acceptable. I won’t say it doesn’t hold up, but the style of gameplay doesn’t hold up today. But it does amazing things with narrative and story that were unheard of at the time. Most fondly remembered by people who played it at the time when it was one of the first JRPG’s on these shores. Not so fondly by those who try to play it today and have to adjust to its old school mechanics.

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      • I don’t think it’s any more grindy than the first one, but it does play way more like the 8-bit era RPGs. During the 16-bit era, RPGs got more story driven, and less grindy. I guess if your comparing it to the RPGs on the SNES, or the later Genesis ones, I could see how someone could get frustrated with it.

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      • I loved Phantasy Star II, and played it for months, it was one of the first games I ever saved for and bought myself (at US$70.- in 1990, it was a definite NO from my parents when I asked them to buy it for me!). 10-year-old me broke out the graph paper and made my own maps just to complete the dungeons. I’d tape together sheets as the the dungeons were huge for the time, and I never knew where to start drawing!

        However in this day and age where faq’s and maps are click away, I don’t think it holds up at all due to the grinding. It’s a product of a different time. I can’t imagine a 10-year-old gamer would even know what graph paper is these days, much less have ready access to a pad of it.

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  3. Hey you know what I’d like to see, at the end of these 89 SMS games. A SMS top 10 list (so far) like you did with the SG-1000. If only because this is the end of the SMS being Sega’s showcase system and the Genesis takes over. That and the lifespan of the console is pretty long, and would be a long time to wait until you played all its games. Maybe you could do a top 10 and then when the SMS is done, revisit your list and see what games you and Sam change out on it.

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