Sega Does Update, February 2016 Edition




Good Saturday, friends. I wanted to give you a Sega Does update in light of the Kickstarter I launched two days ago.

Yes, I am busy promoting the Kickstarter, getting it to the proper channels, messaging folks, lamenting the fact that international shipping is a scam, etc., BUT I will still be keeping Sega Does alive for the next month.

To wit: Monday, Sam and I are recording the next episode of the Sega Does podcast. Expect it later Monday evening or Tuesday sometime.

I had also planned to rush my Wonder Boy III review out the door today, but turns out, that’s a big game (compared to most Master System titles) and I want to experience as much of it as I can. After Wonder Boy III and World Games, I start jumping into 1989 Mega Drive games, which will be great for my sanity. Alas, the first two Mega Drive games for 1989 are Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, a platformer of moderate length, and Phantasy Star II, a large, time-consuming RPG. In other words, with the Kickstarter running parallel to these large games, my review output could conceivably slow down to nil.

I’ll do my best not to let it, though. If nothing else, I’ll skip ahead and review some lighter games, then come back to the biggies at a later date. I know Sega Does is a journey, not a race, but I also don’t like going several days without some sort of content.

Anywho: this is the plan, which is subject to change because, alas, I can not predict the future. Thanks for your understanding.


– DC


4 thoughts on “Sega Does Update, February 2016 Edition

  1. Maybe it’s the Seattle fog clouding my judgement but are you gonna review the SMS as a system after playing all the games? To this day the argument I hear is “system only as good as games on it” and exclusivity yadda yadda which game version better on which system blah blah. I remember you doing a write up on the system (rit?), I just figured you have the unique position and ability to review the system having played it’s entire international library. Well I’d be interested to see it.

    You didn’t review the sg1000 after you finished it did you?

    Dang fog

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  2. Cool. I had realized I’ve never seen someone do a console review having played literally every game for it. In that regard I’d say you would have more (the actual utmost) authority over the matter (ignoring the appeal to authority logical fallacy), so I asked.

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