SegaDoes Episode 32: 2016-A-Go Go Baby!

Episode 32 is here, and with it, brief discussions on Rastan, Time Soldiers, Tennis Ace, Vigilante, and Scramble Spirits. Save for the surprisingly spunky Tennis Ace, a relatively mediocre crop. With this episode, however, we are almost completely caught up! By the time Episode 33 rolls around, I’ll have moved on to 1989 Mega Drive and a glorious 16-bit future.

Listen/Download the episode here.

The comments section is open, as always. Gorge yourself at the trough of opinions.


7 thoughts on “SegaDoes Episode 32: 2016-A-Go Go Baby!

  1. I believe The UK got much more SMS games than the US. While it died here in 91 , it refused to succumb to the Mega Drive in the UK for quite awhile. I think I’ll leave my list of top 10 SMS games pre Genesis (through 1989) for when you do that episode.

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  2. Ah what the hell here are my top 10 in order :

    1.Phantasy Star
    2. Wonderboy 3
    3. Golvelious
    4. Wonder boy in monster land
    5. R-type
    6. Shinobi
    7. The Ninja (Seriosly underrated in your review for SMS)
    8. Womderboy
    9. Shooting Gallery
    10. Out Run
    11. Alex Kidd in miracle world

    Ok I lied , it’s top 11. I had to make a lot of hard cuts, like Ganster Town, Kung Fu Kid, Alex Kidd and the lost stars, SpaceHarrier. But I just couldn’t cut Alex Kidd in Miracle World. So I made an 11th spot for it.

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