SegaDoes Podcast: Side Quest Ep. 3 – OutRun, the King of Pop, and more




Once again, I am late to the party. Side Quest Episode 3 was released yesterday, and here I am putting up the post an entire day later, like a sucker. You understand, right? I mean, you’re all class acts, kings and queens of forgiveness.

For those who don’t know, the SegaDoes Podcast Side Quest is devoted entirely to Sega music, with a bit of Sam playing the DJ. He does a great job, which makes me think he may have missed his true calling.

This episode begins with some ‘OutRun’ theme comparisons (Master System VS. Genesis VS. Arcade), before escalating into inevitable chunky synth explosions. You’ve been warned.

Listen/download here.


4 thoughts on “SegaDoes Podcast: Side Quest Ep. 3 – OutRun, the King of Pop, and more

  1. Once again, we don’t get to hear any of the FM sound tracks from the SMS.mi know the FM tracks were only on the Japanese Mark 3. But they do exist.

    Also Imhad the Moonwalker version with thriller song. I sold it last year so for the auction I actually had to play it to the graveyard level to verify to use it for a selling point. (I got pretty good money for that game for it too.)

    Granted it is not the main theme music for the level. It plays thriller when you activate your dance attack in the graveyard levels. Later versions removed this.

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