SegaDoes Podcast Episode 35: Pumping Iron




After the arduous march through the Master System’s 1989 output, playing anything on the Mega Drive feels like blessed rest. The games featured today – Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Tommy Lasorda Baseball, Super Daisenryaku, Thunder Force II, and Last Battle – will never be called the best games on the Mega Drive. Nevertheless, the console’s 16 bits of awesome mega power has bolstered my spirits and excited me for the goodness to come.

Listen to Sam and I talk about the almost-great Last Battle here.

This post seems like as good a place as any to give an update on my Phantasy Star II playthrough. Progress is slow… very slow. Leveling up all 8 characters so they don’t die is tedious, to say the least. I don’t really know how far I am, though if I had to take a guess, I’d say “Not far enough.” If you don’t see a review for it this Friday, please expect it on Monday. I have company coming into town after that, and if I don’t beat it before then, I’m not sure I ever will. I’m confident the review will be lengthy and rambly. Please look forward to it.


6 thoughts on “SegaDoes Podcast Episode 35: Pumping Iron

  1. So Sam mentioned he never saw Hokuto No Ken. I couldn’t find any good plot summary videos anything for part 2 that Last battle was based on. But here is the opening to Hokuto No Ken 2 in all its 80’s Japan metal glory.

    And here is the battle against the first boss in the game that you fight in the stadium. (In last battle for some reason they make his skin green.) it even has his lungging spinning attack from the game.

    The game has cheesy dialog, but the anime also has, pretty cheesy dialog.

    And I’ll leave you with Kens top 10 signature moves.

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  2. I have actually seen the live action movie of “Fist of the North Star”. First time I came across the series was when I was about 11 and anime was starting to take grip in the UK. I was up at about 1am and watched a “cartoon” where a newborn baby and it’s mother got slaughtered.

    As for global warming we should look to Futurama and hope nuclear winter cancels it out 😀

    I think the reason Alex Kidd wasn’t interesting as Dylan said is that he always felt like he was a budget Mario and no matter what Sega couldn’t shake that off.

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