Patreon, Retronauts, and Other Humdingers




Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a couple quick updates.


First: I have completely revamped my Patreon page. New “why am I here?” blurb, new rewards, new new. If you were on the fence before, please stop by and check it out.

Second: the Master System Retronauts panel is tomorrow at 2 pm at the Midwest Gaming Classic. If you’re in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and you like retro games, please check it out! Jeremy and Bob will be hosting the panel, while Greg Sewart of Generation-16/EGM fame and I will be the guests. There will also be a meet and greet later that evening. Come grab a drink, fawn over Jeremy, Bob, and Greg (hey, I don’t blame you), then say hi. I’d love to meet ya!

Last: gameplay commentary videos coming soon (yes, soon). New podcast hopefully within the next week. I haven’t even started Super Hydlide, but maybe I’ll be able to put a dent into it while I’m traveling this weekend.


Until Monday!



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