SegaDoes Podcast Episode 37: Two Years and Counting


ToeJam and Earl


And the Sega Does celebration train continues with a brand spanking new podcast! In this episode, we discuss Stallone’s immaculate physique in Rambo III (Mega Drive version), Super Hydlide‘s almost enjoyable micro-management, and the flawed shooting of Forgotten Worlds. We also touch on the ahead-of-its-time Power Base Convertor and play a brand new game.

The mirth! The merriment! Listen/download here.

I want to thank everyone for listening lo these past two years. We love you guys and gals in the most platonic sense possible. Hopefully our ridiculous banter and exploration of old Sega games will continue to meet all your expectations and then some.

Oh, and next week: More reviews! This week was a little light on reviews, due to the anniversary and the podcast hogging the spotlight. Next week (hopefully): Mystic Defender, Revenge of Shinobi, and Truxton!


6 thoughts on “SegaDoes Podcast Episode 37: Two Years and Counting

  1. A couple of comments. I always feel Sam never gives games like Forgotten Worlds a fair try. I don’t even feel like he really played it before dismissing it. To be fair, I don’t think this was bought up. Any game in the 16-but era that required Shooting and movement control suffered from this issue. From Smash TV to Forgotten Worlds , Ikari Warriors etc. They all left something to be desired in the control dept. Sometines like with Ikari Warriors you could fudge it and just have the player fire in the same direction as movement. (Unlike the arcade) But most of the time buttons were used as a replacement joystick. Or alternating between moving your aim and moving your shots by holding a button like later Contra games. Sometimes even plugging in two joysticks was used. To varying degrees of success. Usually sacrificing good diagonal control. In forgotten worlds case firing could be aimed in more than just the 8 directions of a joystick and was really analog aiming. These issues really would not be overcome until the advent of analog control sticks. But honestly using two buttons two rotate clockwise and counterclockwise is not that bad of an implementation. The only thing you lose is the ability to vary the speed on the fly.

    Also I like the idea of Game over yea. But way to choose some very very hard games to start out. Maybe take it down a notch.

    And how dare you cut off the Super Hydlide main theme right before it cuts into the best part of the song. That is some great electric guitar music there. (I would have picked Dragon as a better pick for a song for that game)

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      • It’s hard. Because when I think back real hard to 89′, I do remember struggling with the controls initially. Until I got the feel for it. I kind of forget stuff like that sometimes. I guess just knowing how it’s supposed to be played, due to playing this extensively In the arcade, probrably made that adjustment easier. It’s just that this game for me came out in like a really classic era of Capcom games. Some of my all time favorites. Ghouls and Ghosts, Strider, Forgotten Worlds, Final Fight, SF2, UN squadron, Mercs, Knights of the Round, Wuiz and Dragons (OK maybe some people don’t k ow much about that one but it was defiantly in the style of Capcom;s games of that era and my favorite quiz game of all time) I just hate to see someone maybe not enjoy what was a really great shooter with cool bosses and gameplay because they were hampered by the controls and gave up.

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      • Controls are a tricky thing. Forgotten Worlds controls are adequate, but not great. I played for a couple hours and got to the second to last stage, and I still was struggling with them at times. If we were playing this in ’89 – if indeed we had just received this game for our birthday or Christmas – we would certainly invest more time in the controls, and thus, would probably get great at them. And admittedly, I have more time to play these games than Sam. He has two kids and a business. I have a wife and a part-time job.

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  2. Generally the Master System converter goes for around 30+ in the UK but you can buy a replacement Master System II console for around £18 on Ebay without cables. However, the Master System uses the same cables as the model 1 Mega Drive so in that respect it is cheaper to buy a Master System than a converter.

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