SegaDoes Episode 38: Ninjas in Space with Golden Axes




The Genesis comes out swingin’ in the final months of 1989. Mystic Defender, Revenge of Shinobi, Truxton, Golden Axe, and Mahjong Cop Ryuu. Mahjong cops need love too (though not too much, if what I’ve heard about the game is true).


Listen/download the episode here.


Next time, we’ll close out Mega Drive’s 1989 lineup with Sword of Vermilion, Herzog Zwei, and Curse before celebrating a certain blue hedgehog’s 25th anniversary. What a time to be alive!

As always, we are grateful for your feedback, whether in the comments below or on iTunes. We haven’t been reading the episode comments much lately, but I’ll try to remedy that next episode. Until then!


10 thoughts on “SegaDoes Episode 38: Ninjas in Space with Golden Axes

  1. First off, thanks for including some good Genesis music (your opinion may vary) from some of the games this episode. Brings back memories, and hey, I love Genesis music. So thanks Sam.

    Second, with Truxton (Not Thruxton, and yes it is just Sam) they set up the screen that way because it was an arcade port. That meant to accurately display it, you have to cut off part of the screen to have the same aspect ratio. A skinny tall screen. There’s a term for this that I’m forgetting. Tate mode? Anyway they did that for accuracy. Another way to account for the taller screens of vertical shmups is to enable I the options a 90 degree screen rotation , and then you physically rotate your TV on its side. Yes some Saturn shooters did this. And yes I rotated my TV sideways to achieve the vertical screen layout. If you played without that mode like a normal person, it would put side bars on the screen. Any way generally if a game like this is not an arcade port they just program it for TV resolution. Although some shmup fans love that mode so much they have made shooters that are console originals have this vertical screen mode. In this case though it was for arcade accuracy.

    Saying Shinobi is floaty is pure blasphemy by the way. I could see if you said you had a hard time pulling the double jump off or something. But Shinobi game controls are pure perfection. (Well maybe not Shinobi X) I think maybe you are just used to other series.

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    • Sean, thanks for the insight about how Truxton and other arcade ports of vertical shooters have to cut off part of the screen. My cousin got into shmups years ago and told me that, but I’d long forgotten it.

      I think Shinobi controls are a bit stiff myself, but you get used to them the more you play.


      • I’m curious, I don’t remember it being in the review, And you were talking not knowing what to do close up to enemies. You do realize you have a sword for close up attacks right? Getting sword kills is a key part of the game one some enemies. As a way to to save shurukkens. In fact they game gives you a bonus for clearing a stage with no shirukens kills. Pretty much all Shinobi games have it. Usually it involves striking when an enemy’s shield mechanics is down, aiming high or low or jumping over them for the sword strike. It just offers another way to play. By combining sword strikes and shirukens throws you really can master the game. The biggest waste of shirukens is the double jump spread throw. It’s best to not even use that if possible. Save it for key situations where it will save your ass. Like on the waterfall doing a jump to s small platform where there is an enemy waiting for you.

        I’ll think you’ll like Shinobi 3. It adds so many more moves. Like jump kicks and slides and running that when you master it you kind of are like a scrolling death machine.


  2. Good podcast gents – especially enjoyed the music on the way to work.

    Not sure if you’ve heard of them but there is a Brazilian metal band called Megadriver who cover SEGA songs. I recommend their cover of ‘The Super Shinobi’ (RoS title music)

    I have no problem viewing the site on my smartphone. I actually like the black on white look too, looks kinda like a Mega Drive box.

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  3. Regarding the website colours, I definitely prefer a dark background with light text. Perhaps the background is a little too dark (although it’s not pure black), so perhaps lessening the contrast between background and text might help a little.

    I’m glad that more game-specific music is being used. In some of the earlier episodes, a game would be introduced and then random Sonic, SoR or whatever music was played, which was a little disappointing – definitely continue using the time to showcase the music of the game being discussed, even if it doesn’t make the greatest Sega hits collection 🙂

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    • I might experiment with different shades of light text, just to see how it goes.

      I too love the more game-specific music being played. I might be biased, but I feel like the show is hitting a new stride. Hopefully Sam and I can continue to grow and improve.

      Thanks for the thoughts, fluxcore.


  4. I definitely think the text is a bit hard to read. White text on black backgrounds can be really tiring for your eyes, though I get what you were trying to do by mimicking the feel of the Sega aesthetic. Maybe if you can make an option for both white w/ black text and black w/ white text? There’s probably a CSS options WordPress plugin.

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