SegaDoes Podcast Episode 40: Happy 25th, Sonic




In honor of the Blue Blur’s 25th anniversary in a few days (June 23), Sam and I gathered ’round the Fireplace of Old People and reminisced about all the Sonic games we’ve played over the years. Turns out, between the two of us, we’ve pretty much played them all.

Listen to/Download the episode here.

Have any awesome Sonic memories? Share them in the comments below and feel old with us.


10 thoughts on “SegaDoes Podcast Episode 40: Happy 25th, Sonic

  1. Excellent podcast as always. You’ve intrigued me with some of the post Dreamcast Sonic games so I’ve picked up Generations and I am impressed. Will look out for Heroes and Colours.

    Agree the four 16-bit Sonic titles are excellent. But I enjoyed Sonic R once I got a grip on the finicky controls, there is actually a fun game in there but it doesn’t grab you without some patience and effort. Likewise with Chaotix. Sometimes I think it’s brilliant and clever and other days it just frustrates me. When it ‘clicks’ you can put some impressive momentum swings together. Other times your just aimlessly jumping around with a flailing partner.
    It will be interesting when it get’s to your full reviews to see if your opinion warms. I understand you couldn’t go too deep into every Sonic game but I found the trio of Master System Sonic games to be fun.

    Regarding the Sonic sidequest. I think it’s a great idea with the caveat that you restrict it to non-Sega console games as I prefer (personally of course) if you kept the chronological perspective for the games released on Sega systems.
    I would even go further on a ‘as and when’ basis if you feel like it you could dabble with other post Dreamcast Sega titles like Shinobi 2002, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Out Run 2, etc. Contrary to popular perception Sega have actually pumped out some very good titles since the Dreamcast, hell why not throw a few Sega arcade game reviews in.

    Keep up the good chaps !
    Stay Sega

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    • Thanks Sut! I’m looking forward to giving Chaotix another go, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Master System games.

      Not sure about the Sonic sidequest the more I think about it. Maybe when I’m finished with the blog…


  2. So a couple of things here. I probrably share most of your opinions on these games but maybe for different reasons.

    I’ll agree with Sam. My favorite is Sonic 3. Well more accurately Sonic 3 and Knuckles. It is the complete Sonic game. It is just a huge game with varying paths for different characters , and takes everything for previous games and makes it better and adds in new stuff. It hard because I wouldn’t say Sonic 3 by itself, nor Sonic and Knuckles by itself. But together, best Genesis game. I’ll probrably go more into that when the time comes.

    I haven’t played enough of Sonic Adventure to forms a real opinion. The Knuckles stages in Sonic 2 Batttle just killed the game for me. Never played Sonic Heroes but always wanted to.

    I’d say Sonic Lost World is far worse than Sam thinks. I just can’t get I to it. But largely for the same reasons as him. The 2D sections just are off and do not feel like Sonic at all. And the 3D sections, I just don’t dig them.

    Sonic 2006. I also feel I haven’t seen near enough of that game. The main thing for me is the load times are just ridiculous. Like talking to different people or exiting places have huge load times, it’s borderline broken. If they ever fixed the game and streamlined it I’d give it a second chance.

    Sonic and the secret rings could be good, but the motion controls really killed it for me. So much I didn’t ever revisit it. Maybe if I tried to master it it might not be that bad. Played halfway through Generations and generally enjoyed it, need to finish that one. Own Colors, and never played it…..

    But in general, Sonic begins and ends with the 16 bit generation for me. And Sonic Jam if you want to count that. I will argue the merits of those games to my last breath when the time comes. Sonic CD is far more intricate and deep tha. First impression. They to play for the perfect ending and its brilliance will shine through. Originally meant to be Sonic 2, it maybe is not as good but it’s still very good.

    I d-not think you guys mentioned So if the Hedgehog 4 parts 1 and 2. But for me I’m most o teresting o. Hearing about the SMS and GG games. As I hear there are some good ones. Some claim SMS Sonic 1 better than Genesis.

    As far as a sidequest. There was this guy on a message board I go to who started trying to play every game and give his impressions. He didn’t make it past 3 games and stalled out on Sonic Adventure, but you seem like you could do it. Or maybe as someone suggested do post Dreamcast and GB stuff. The Neo Geo Pocket color one is supposed to be pretty good.

    Sonic R is actually pretty interesting. Like a cart racer with multiple hidden paths. And a great soundtrack.

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    • Thanks for the insight, Sean. Yeah, I wish we would have touched more on the GG games, as I do have some experience with those. Not so much the GBA or DS games. There’s just so much Sonic!

      I’m looking forward to playing through the games for Sega Does and seeing if my opinion of them changes.


      • I also strongly agree that maybe the first game could be the best. Ok I don’t but there is something about it that makes it great that the sequels don’t have, I played through the 3D classics version recently and it was fantastic. I even enjoyed the Labrynth Zone. I don’t want to elaborate too much here, But the mix of physics based gameplay, puzzles and hidden areas is really great. And each Zone plays really differently and has a lot of variety. The sequels don’t really mix it up as much. Like the first game they came up with this great physics engine using momentum and speed to control a character, which I think really is the core of Sonic that is overlooked, and looked at all the ways they could do interesting stuff with it in different levels. And large ones at that. Kind of like how a Mario game takes a gameplay mechanic and drives the stage designs to do interesting stuff with it. Even the water levels do interesting stuff with buoyancy , floating stuff, waterfalls and slides, and water resistance, and currents. Each zone is a unique exploration of what they could do with their physics engine. I really love it just for that. Whearas Sonic 2 polishes up some aspects of the game, it doesn’t really have the same sense of uniqueness between zones,

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      • Sonic 1 stands apart from all other Sonic games that came after it. Not that it’s better, per say, but that it’s so different, like you say.

        “The mix of physics based gameplay, puzzles and hidden areas is really great.” I 100% agree. I rarely see this mentioned, but this is what makes the original Sonic work today.

        Great, insightful comment.


  3. Also it’s kind of weird hearing talk of the TV show for me. I was far too old when these games came out to even care about the show, yet apparently kids loved it? I mean I was In High school. The show always seemed like some kind of cheap cash in for me. And I pretty much hated Family Matters by that point and especially Urquel. So Jaheel White did nothing for me.

    I’ve never cared to watch any video game show really. Now if there was a Japanese Anime or something? I might have been willing to check that out.

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    • Kids wavered on their appreciation for the weekday Sonic cartoon, but most everybody I know loved the Saturday morning Sonic cartoon. Jaleel White wasn’t nearly as annoying as Sonic compared to his Urkel character. That being said, both cartoons are pretty bad when you try to watch them today. I still stand by Saturday morning Sonic having a surprising amount of ambition for a kids show based on a video game, though.

      The less said about Sonic Underground and Sonic X, the better. I’ve heard good things about Sonic Boom, though.


  4. Good podcast sirs. For me, Sonic 1 is Sonic the Hedgehog – when I think Sonic, I think Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone etc. As you said, Sonic 1 was a landmark for many young gamers…the feel of speed, the music, the character…it was a unique game. I also loved the books by ‘Martin Adams’ (shocked to see he’s not a real person!) as a kid too, read ’em cover to cover – did you get these books in the US?

    Never really got into the other games to be honest, though what I’ve seen of the newer Sonic games I doubt I’m missing much. Heroes seemed ok, but not the return to form we wanted, 06’s demo barely ran, no way I was buying it, Generations put me off with the ‘new’ Sonic parts and I missed the Dreamcast, so the Adventure games looked old hat by the time I caught up on GameCube.

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    • Never got the books, but had I seen them, I definitely would have bought them.

      The later 3D games have their moments. It just depends on which ones you play. That being said, nothing’s as memorable as the original 2D Sonics on Genesis.


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