The State of the SegaDoes Podcast


Some of my more eagle-eyed readers have noticed that the Sega Does podcast Libsyn address is full of 404 links. For those of you wondering about this, yes, I am aware and I am sorry. I haven’t been able to get in touch with Sam for the last couple weeks. He was the one uploading the podcasts to Libsyn. The podcast was recorded on his equipment. Without Sam, there is no podcast. And, until Sam gets in touch with me, there will be no podcast.

There is more to these circumstances, but this is all I feel at liberty to say right now.  I really don’t want the podcast to be over, but it’s not my call.  If circumstances change, I will let you know. For now, the reviews will continue unabated. Thanks so much for your continual support.



4 thoughts on “The State of the SegaDoes Podcast

  1. Thanks for the update.. I just found the podcast recently and had starting listening to back episodes. I hope everything works out!

    God Bless ~


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