The Sega Does Podcast Is Gone




Hey everyone.

I hoped to have a new review up today, but alas, work is kicking both my mental and physical buttocks. Friday at the latest, Lord willing.

I did, however, want to clarify something: the Sega Does podcast no longer exists anywhere on the Internet. In my stats, I see clicks to nearly every day. I’m sorry to say that site is gone.

Sam put together every aspect of the show, and he also hosted the files on the Libsyn address. Outside of Libsyn, iTunes was the only other place where you could download the show. As far as I know, those files were the same as the Libsyn ones. Thus, the show is no longer available for download anywhere.

Many of you knew this already, and that’s fine. This is simply a note for those that didn’t. For those that listened, enjoyed, and commented over the show’s year-and-a-half run, thank you. I hope the show can come back in some form down the road.




9 thoughts on “The Sega Does Podcast Is Gone

  1. I have probably 70% of the podcast episodes saved to my phone, so at the very least we can host those somewhere (mega perhaps), if you are interested – and then could link them from the website or something. I would be surprised if we can’t get the rest of the episodes off other readers as well…

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  2. Very sad to hear this. I was enjoying the podcast very much, and I was waiting for a new episode. I would love to see an archive of it. I use iTunes, so of course, I don’t have any episodes on my phone because it auto-deletes them after listening, but if others have them and would be willing to pool them together, at least an archive of them could be created. That would be sweet.

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  3. That’s a shame; I was really enjoying the podcast, but I know a lot of works goes into it, not to mention the work you do on the site. I’d love for it to come back sometime in the future but the website should take priority if it’s one or the other (IMO).

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