An Early Christmas Present




I have a bad habit of making promises I don’t keep, with Sega Does and life in general. Not this time.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Grand Sega Order, here is the first episode of the SegaDoes Podcast V. 2.0.


Some of you will have questions about this new iteration of the podcast. I’m hoping this first episode answers most of those questions, so please listen/download before leaving a comment.

A couple points I will address now:


  1.  As of right now, the podcast is not on iTunes. Hopefully it will be on the Store after Thanksgiving.


  1.  This first episode was recorded in early October, so we don’t discuss the most recent reviews. The next episode will be out in early December and bring us up to date. After that, we should be posting new episodes twice a month.


If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Feedback? Yeah, we want that too, good and bad.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy the show!


16 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Present

  1. This is great news! Excellent job guys. I hope that Sam gets in touch with you so that you can get the earlier episodes up as well. I could tell that he wasn’t much into the reviews and I hope that version 2.0 of podcast will stick.

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  2. Was great to finally get the podcast back. Great to have someone really informed on. And a fellow Sega arcade lover. Too bad he didn’t experience a lot of these games when they came being born in 1988! Really look forward to what you had before. Just an in depth discussion of 5 or 6 games or whatever the case may be.

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  3. I was extremely excited to see the return of the podcast, and ep1 didn’t disappoint. Jeff seems like a very knowledgeable guy (shocking, coming from one of the HG101 crew), and added some great insight to the discussion. Will be definitely looking forward to more from you both. For a first episode, you guys clicked pretty well, and I’m sure will only get better.

    It’s always interesting to hear about your prices for the Master System library. I picked up Alex Kidd in Shinobi world for SMS here in New Zealand for roughly $12USD a couple of months back, which is a pretty average price for SMS carts in general. Perhaps if there are titles you are particularly keen on, consider importing from UK/PAL land, or get a reader from these regions to help out 🙂 SMS stuff is still all over the place here, and hasn’t really been ravaged by price inflation too much. Lots can be found with box, but manuals are much less common.

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    • Glad you enjoyed the show!

      And that’s a good point about looking for SMS stuff outside of the US. It’s so expensive here due to the rarity. Same with Saturn games. The prices for even terrible Saturn stuff is outrageous.


  4. Dylan, this is a great new beginning of your podcast series. I can’t wait to start reading about Sega’s arcade games as I am a huge fan. I worked 1.5 years on a MAME cabinet where now I proudly display and play all the top Sega arcade games. Unfortunately, MAME cannot properly emulate any game past their System 32 board. Other emulators can with mixed accuracy so I hope the reviews can be taken in the purest, ‘non-emulated’ way for those games.

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  5. Listed to the podcast in work yesterday, really enjoyed it. I’m glad to see the format hasn’t changed – I enjoy that you give time to discuss each game. Welcome to Jeff too – he knows his stuff, given the Ultima discussion!

    Your roll call at the end made me wonder if I could help out; being a fan of football (soccer to you Americans!) and pro wrestling, I’ve played a lot of the 8 and 16bit versions of these games. I’d be up for reviewing a few of these if it helps you out?

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  6. Finished up listening to this today on the way home from work. Really enjoyed it and look forward to future podcasts.
    It’s really pleasing to see you project evolving into a superb Sega resource.

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