UPDATE: Thanks for all your help, everyone. I’m sorry you all were linked to a password-protected post. This won’t happen again.



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On Tuesday, I tried a little experiment. I posted my latest review XDR, but I made it password-protected and hid it below the previous review, Melon Brains. I then gave the password to Patreon subscribers, which allowed them to read the review a day before anyone else.

This was the first time I’d ever done this, and I thought everything was fine. As the day went on, however, I noticed something. XDR received 34 views on Tuesday. I only have 10 Patreon subscribers. I didn’t advertise the review whatsoever, and while I’m sure a couple views could have been from random people scrolling through the site, that doesn’t account for most of them. Either these same subscribers were so enamored by the review that they read it two or three times. Or, more likely, those who are subscribed to the site via RSS feed/Wordpress still received a notification that Sega Does had posted something new.

This is only a guess. I have no clue what happened, and since nobody has asked me about it, I’m reaching out to you all. Did you stumble upon the XDR review through RSS feed or WordPress? Did you find it by just scrolling through the site? Any insight would be appreciated.


– DC


21 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Yeah, same here. I got a password protected email notification, then followed the link to the password protected web page. I haven’t checked since to see whether the password has been lifted…


  2. Same for me, got an email about the new game review, clicked on it, took me to Password Protected page. I couldn’t access it, thought I did something wrong so I tried it a second time before giving up. Figured it was some kinda goof-up. Good concept for Patreon tho.

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  3. Same here – RSS, to website, then password protected. Attempted a random password, didn’t go through, then closed it.

    I think the concept makes sense, though I’d like to be re-notified when the password is lifted, though, as otherwise it means that I will miss out on the articles. Is there a way to re-publish them or something so that the RSS feed re-triggers?

    Alternatively, what I’ve seen done in some occasions is publishing things on Patreon itself, though I don’t know a lot more. The concept of “Patreon gets it earlier” is quite common, so I’m sure there’d be a way to make it work.

    As I stated: if it only gets sent to RSS when it’s public (unsure how that would work), or if the RSS gets re-updated when the password is lifted, I’m happy to get the odd “Password Protected” articles on the feed.

    Otherwise it renders the feed useless to some extent. But maybe you can create separate RSS feeds (maybe have a RSS for only the public articles), and tag the articles as public when they’re public? Something like that?

    Cheers, keep up the great work.


  4. As those above – got the email, clicked the link, saw the password protected page. Tried the link again to make sure, then just figured it was a posting error.


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