SegaDoes Podcast V.2 Episode 2


Good Monday, Sega fans!

Today I present to you, at long last, the 2nd episode of the Sega Does Podcast Mark II.

We actually recorded this bad boy allllll the way back in November, but unfortunately, some technical issues prevented it from being saved. As we re-recorded this last week, however, we’d already forgotten most of what we talked about anyway, so it was like recording a brand new show! One positive of growing old, I guess.

On the show today: co-host Jeff Rud of the HG101 podcast, and Greg Sewart of EGM, Player One Podcast, and Generation 16 fame. And games! Lots of games. Twin Hawk, Phelios, Batman, E-Swat, Ghostbusters, Columns, Tetris and Cyberball. Wow! Games!

Leave comments below, good or bad. Also, iTunes! The podcast is coming there soon, I promise. Until next time!


8 thoughts on “SegaDoes Podcast V.2 Episode 2

  1. Great podcast. Hopefully on iTunes soon. Too bad none of you played too much of Cyberball because as I mentioned on the review comment, it was a great playing and controlling game, especially in 2 player. And it continues to get play for years even with real football games like Madden and Montana. Really a great port, primarily because the arcade was a quarter muncher that basically was on a timed play system.

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      • I did like your SG-1000 and SMS reviews of sports games. I guess 16-but was the limit then for sports games for you. Although I really do like the Pete has a good sports game vocabulary. What about hybrid games, like Speed ball?

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      • Never heard of Speedball, but I will have to get down on some Mutant League games.

        A thought also occurs that I could give the sports games a quick play and a brief writeup underneath Pete’s, just as a second point-of-view from a non-sports fan. Could be fun!

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  2. Sounds like a good idea, you commenting on the sports games – be good to have a non sport fan’s opinion.

    Enjoyed the podcast, always makes a drive home from work go quicker.

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  3. Really enjoyed this podcast there was a nice chemistry between you all.
    Always love listening to Greg talk Sega hope he can join you again in the future.

    Podcast v2.0 is off to a great start, just increased my Patreon to get it earlier 😉

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