A Weekend Treat




Ever since the original SegaDoes Podcast episodes went down, I’ve had lots of people ask me if they would ever be posted again. At the time, I had no idea. The podcast was Sam’s work, and I didn’t just want to publish them without his permission.

Recently, Sam and I have been back in touch, and now, thanks to his generosity, the original 40 episodes of the SegaDoes Podcast are back online to download at segadoespodcast.libsyn.com!

These episodes will only be up for a limited time on that particular web address. If for some reason you don’t see this update until the episodes have been removed again, don’t worry. I’ve downloaded all the old episodes and will be uploading them intermittently over on segado.libsyn.com, along with iTunes once the podcast is up there.

Episode 3 of the SegaDoes Podcast Mk. II should be recording next week, Lord willing. Until then, please enjoy this nostalgic treasure trove!


One thought on “A Weekend Treat

  1. This is great news. A big thanks to Sam for making them available and a big thanks to you for taking the time to get them and re-upload them for us.

    I’m glad the podcast lives on in version two, but I do miss the production quality of the original podcast. The original just had more polish, like good box art for a great game. Not trying to be overly critical, I’ve produced podcasts in the past myself so I can appreciate the amount of effort it takes to make a really good product. Sam obviously spent a lot of time and energy on the version one podcasts, and I definitely noticed and appreciated it. It was the perfect complement to the time and energy you put into youbquality reviews and writing. But I’m glad the podcast is still going on its new iteration. Onward!

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