SegaDoes Podcast Ep. 5 tackles the Game Gear


SegaDoes Podcast Episode 5 is finally here! Jeff and I take a long, hard look at the Game Gear, Sega’s hastily assembled handheld that couldn’t overtake Nintendo’s Game Boy, despite its advanced color screen.

We also delve into some of the console’s early games, like G-Loc, Wonder Boy, Pengo, Soukoban and more.

Listen/Download the episode here.

For those who are not aware, the Podcast is officially on iTunes now for mass consumption. If there’s a desire for other platforms besides iTunes and Libsyn, let me know in the comments and I will absolutely look into it.

Do you have fond memories of the Game Gear? Do you despise it, like Newman despises Keith Hernandez? Let us know below and we’ll read the comments out in the next episode!


One thought on “SegaDoes Podcast Ep. 5 tackles the Game Gear

  1. I think why the GG didn’t appeal to me upon further thought, even though I was a huge Sega Master System fan, was that it kind of straddled an unimpressive middle ground. Technically superior to the game boy, it was a huge battery drain. But the funny thing is another color system released at the same time was way better. The Lynx was color and was technically on par with the Genesis. So you could buy a system that is practically portable with good games. Or that is truly technically impressive with the Lynx. The GG just never impressed me. Though I knew enough people who bought one. Just wasn’t for me. From playing in store demos I much would have rather had a Lynx. It was just so expensive though. I wasn’t sold on the game boy at the time with its cut rate hardware or a system that required copious battery purchases. I didn’t get a portable system til GBA, which actually made playing the GB library much more palatable.

    That said there are some GG exclusives I would have liked to have played , however few there are. Looking forward to the reviews.

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