Sega Does Needs You!


Thanks to Orion55783 for this shot of President Sonic.


After three long years of tackling Sega Does (mostly) on my own, I realize that, if I have a prayer of finishing this project, it’s going to be with the help of other people.

This isn’t to say that other people haven’t been helping. Sam and Jeff have kept the podcast alive these past three years. Peter Skerrit graciously reviews all manner of sports games. Taylor Pinson reviewed a good portion of the non-pornographic Mega LD titles for the LaserActive. Gary Heneghan has tackled Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel and will lend his expertise to upcoming soccer and wrestling titles. And Greg Sewart has discussed the Mega Modem, and will be reviewing some of his favorites from his own personal collection in the months ahead.

These folks’ contributions have been essential, but I need more help.



  • A writer who’s proficient in both Japanese and English and would be excited about reviewing Japan-only Sega games.
  • 1 additional writer who can submit no less than three and no more than five reviews a month. Five would be preferrable, but I understand that’s a lot.

The ideal person for these positions would be someone with decent-to-excellent writing capabilities. You don’t have to love Sega, but you have to have an affinity for them. You absolutely love exploring old console libraries, and love writing game reviews.



You will be paid a percentage from my monthly Patreon, which as of this writing, stands at about $161/month after taxes and Patreon charges. For the Japanese-proficient writer, your pay will be based on the amount of games you review for the month. I imagine some months will be lean, while others will have an abundance. For the 1 additional writer, I can offer $50 a month. As the Patreon grows, your pay will increase.


If you’re responding to the ‘additional writer’ position, shoot me an e-mail at by June 16th. Please include a brief introduction (200 words tops) that includes why you want to join Sega Does and links to 2 previously written reviews (non-Sega related is fine). If you don’t have links, please attach the reviews in a .docx or .odt format.

If you’re responding to the Japan-only game reviewer position, please include a brief introduction, your background/qualifications with Japanese, and links/attachment to 1-2 Japan-only game reviews.

Depending on the level of interest, I will hopefully be able to choose an additional writer by the end of June so you can get started in July.

Looking forward to working with you!


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