Why ROMs? Why Not ROMs?


Hello friends! Yes, I’m still on vacation. Yes, I’m still not using ROMs. I have, however, expanded on my reasoning for not using ROMs in a new post on my blog, Dylan in Transition.

Check it out here. Beware, there’s a lot of Christian talk in this post. If anything, the talk is aimed at myself and other Christians, not anyone who might be of a different faith. My desire is not to offend anyone, but merely to share what happened to me.

See you in August!


6 thoughts on “Why ROMs? Why Not ROMs?

  1. Quite the sacrifice. Hopefully you’ll figure out a way to continue the quest with a clear conscience.

    Does the fact that Sega recently announced that they’re making their entire collection of console games available for free (Sega Forever) change your thought process at all?

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    • I know Sega says they’re going to put out all their games, but I’m taking the stance of “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Right now, the emulation is wonky, and I don’t like playing games like Sonic or Phantasy Star on a phone.

      I hope the best for them in this endeavor, but I think they’re trying to cut corners and that’s not going to bode well for Sega Forever’s future.


      • Yea, I don’t like playing on my phone either. I was more curious if that, because Sega is making the games available for free to the public, you wouldn’t feel like using the roms was considered stealing anymore. You can’t steal something that the owner is giving away, right? Probably a bit of a gray area.


  2. What a bunch of hogwash. I hope this is some kind of joke that I’m not getting. I come to this blog to read about retro games, not to read a bunch of religious boloney about being sinful on using fucking Roms. If I want that, I’ll watch delusional old Pat on the 700 Club or go to church.

    Your site and that money in your pockets would be make-believe if it wasn’t for “evil” Roms. You better plan on hitting the lottery or selling both kidneys if you plan on reviewing Saturn and DC games in the future.

    I’m not Christian and don’t appreciate Bible verses being crammed down my throat. Show some respect for other people who have different religious beliefs than yours, that read your blog.

    Looks like I’m done with this site, too. A shame. Hypocrisy all over the place.


    • FieryReign, I’m glad you brought some of this up, because I should have clarified some of my intent in the post.

      I want to apologize to you. I do not mean to offend anyone of any other faith or lack thereof. My intent was to show where I was coming from in coming to this decision. I only posted this link because some folks said they were interested in more details on my decision to stop using ROMs. In no way do I judge anyone, regardless of belief system, for using ROMs.


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