Sega Does is Back!


In May 2020, I migrated all Sega Does posts over to Retro Gaming Archive, with the idea that I would eventually shut Sega Does down.


As of February 2021, my new plan is to post new Sega reviews both on Sega Does and on Retro Gaming Archive.


That way, if you only want to read about Sega games, you can visit Sega Does and not have to wade through the Retro Gaming Archive’s other content.


My main day-to-day focus will still be the Archive. Because of this, my Sega Does posts will be less frequent. However, considering how infrequent posts have been over the last three years, this shouldn’t be a great surprise.


To those still reading Sega Does in 2021, thank you! There’s more good content on the horizon, so please stay tuned!



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10 thoughts on “Sega Does is Back!

  1. Very nice. I like both blogs equally, personally, but I catch myself going back to the lists of games here quite often, just to check if there’s something interesting I might have missed, so thanks for doing that. Can’t wait to see some reviews, since there’s still a lot of good SMS stuff ahead of you! 🙂

  2. Over the past 24 hours I’ve gotten about 32 e-mail notifications from Sega Does about new posts, and they are reviews from the past twelve months that I’m not finally getting notified about. But I’m also getting six notifications per post.

          1. So far so good.

            I’d stop by more often but I’ve played like three Sega games in my life so I don’t have a lot to comment on.

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