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The Sega Does Podcast: Episode 1 – The SG-1000

A New Glorious Age is Upon Us.

When Sega Does first opened its doors in 2014, my friend Sam and I started a Sega Does podcast to complement the written reviews. As with the site, Sam and I discussed every game ever released for a Sega console in chronological order… for awhile.

We completed 40 episodes, then, due to personal reasons, the podcast stopped. All episodes were removed from the internet, and the Sega Does Podcast was no more.

Until today.

Today, Sam and I are publishing the Sega Does Podcast once again for all to hear. All 40 episodes will eventually be released for your listening pleasure. For now, please bear with us as we present them, drip-feed style.

Also, within the next few days, any and all episodes we release should be available on all your favorite podcast formats.

Episode 1 kicks off with our discussion of the SG-1000, Sega’s first console.



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