Podcast Sega Does SG-1000

Sega Does Podcast, Episode 9: The SG Has Pitfalls

Watch your step.

1985. The SG-1000 has only been on the market for two short years, yet it’s already nearing its end-of-life date.

Games like Hyper Sports and Dragon Wang shovel dirt onto the SG-1000’s not-quite-deceased remains, while Choplifter and Pitfall II give us hope that there’s still life in Sega’s firstborn.

Most of this episode’s crop of games, however, fall squarely into the ‘simply playable’ category. Star Force, Othello, Space Invaders and Zoom 909 are just fine, but they don’t make a case for the SG-1000 as a console.

Friends, thank you so much for listening to two thirty-somethings prattle on about old Sega games. We absolutely appreciate it!


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