Podcast Sega Does SG-1000

Sega Does Podcast, Episode 10: Get Set to Hang On

Grip the handlebars, please.

In Episode 10, Sam and Dylan marathon twelve SG-1000 titles. Are we enjoying the SG-1000 a little too much, or are we just trying to move onto the Master System as quickly as possible? Hmm…

In this episode, we discuss everything from puzzle titles (Doki Doki Penguin Land, Soukoban, Championship Lode Runner) to arcade oddities (Chack ‘n Pop, Elevator Action) to whatever genre Drol and H.E.R.O. claim to be.

Then there’s the rest: Bank Panic, Rock n Bolt, Champion Ice Hockey, Hang On II, and Bomb Jack.

Twelve games is a lot. I won’t say we did our best with them, but we definitely did. The Sega Does Podcast did. You can quote me on that.

A tremendous and mighty thanks, fist bumps, and hearty hand shakes all around to anyone listening to these. We greatly appreciate it!


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