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Sega Does Podcast, Episode 12: Transbot Rules

Or does it?

At long last, mine and Sam’s multinational nightmare is over. The SG-1000 is vanquished… for now.

Let’s jump right into some early Master System goodness, shall we? You’ve heard of Hang-On, but have you considered the acid freakout, Teddy Boy Blues? Sega immerses themselves into the wide, wide world of sports titles with the surprisingly decent Great Baseball and the lackluster Great Soccer. Then there’s the Japanese/Europe exclusive titles, Satellite 7 and Pit Pot.

And finally, Transbot, which according to today’s episode title, “rules.” Sam names these episodes, so should you play Transbot and not be fully satisfied, direct all grievances towards him.

You know the drill: you’re awesome. Thanks for listening!


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