Master System Podcast SG-1000

Sega Does Podcast, Episode 17: Space, Man

In space, everyone can hear this episode.

The Master System deluge continues unabated!

Sylvester Stallone pops ’round to see how the Master System’s doing in Rambo: First Blood Part II.

High School! Kimengumi reveals what it’s really like to attend a Japanese high schools.

Great Golf is actually pretty great, while Great Ice Hockey could really use a trackball peripheral.

Space Harrier is one of Sega’s flagship arcade titles, but how does it play with only 8-bits?

Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting and Safari Hunt give the Light Phaser something to do.

Quartet is a straightforward action title with questionable visuals, but rich in spirit.

And The Black Onyx is… an SG-1000 game? In 1987?! What horrors/wonders could this game possibly show us?

We are tired, but full. Enjoy this week’s episode, you excellent people, you.

– DC

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