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Sega Does Podcast, Episode 18: Rocky x 3

But Stallone will return in Rocky X: In Space!

We are knee deep in Master System now, friends.

Four sports games? You are right to assume that neither Sam nor I wanted this. Great Basketball, Great Volleyball, Great Baseball, and Great Football are… not great. Not a looker in the bunch!

We then pivot slightly to Rocky, which looks fantastic, but controls like swollen meat. Sorry to let you down, Mr. Stallone.

Woody Pop revives the Breakout formula for the 256th time (instead of a paddle, it’s a wooden log).

Shooting Gallery is the best Light Phaser outing thus far.

Loretta No Shozou: Sherlock Holmes is absolutely an SG-1000 game shoved into a Mark III cartridge case.

Then there’s Sukeban Deka II, which is as strange a game as any of us will ever play.

Thanks for reading and listening, always.


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