Master System Podcast Sega Does

Sega Does Podcast, Episode 19: The Long Road

Hot toddies and a lie down.

Getting “down with the sickness” isn’t as lively or entertaining as Disturbed make it sound.

So while Sam and I recover from separate illnesses and minor neck trauma, why not another episode of the Sega Does Podcast? This one has 100% more Master System titles. We guarantee it.

The captivating kung-foolery of Kung-Fu Kid!

The top-down treachery of OutRun!

The stream-crossing capers of Ghostbusters!

The rest, in no particular order: Enduro Racer, Zillion, World Soccer, and the absolute nadir of the Alex Kidd series and possibly life itself, Alex Kidd: High Tech World.

Thanks for listening!

– DC

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